Should I become a Maskcara distributor 10 reasons why I chose to become a maskcara distributors and three reasons I almost didn't Maskcara Makeup by

10 Reasons I Became a Maskcara Distributor and

3 Reasons I Almost Didn’t

From my previous post, you already know that I chose to do this experiment (read about it here) with Maskcara makeup.  But, honestly, it wasn’t my first choice.  I first joined LipSense because the cost of entry was only $55.  Well, I entered right as everything fell a part.  Because of the demand for Lipsense, everything is out of stock and has been for three months.

Enter Maskcara

Why to choose Maskcara makeup. Part of the Maskcara Experiment for

I’ve heard about Maskcara makeup for years and then found out six weeks ago that they just opened up for distributors to sell.  I knew some of the girls that were part of the initial launch of the product and it seemed like the right fit.

Maskcara makeup is different from other makeup because it is everything you need to get a natural, highlight and contour look in one small compact.  My mom always says, the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is get ready and then you can go out the door and forget about yourself and serve.  I put makeup on every day, so any product that makes this process better and faster, makes me happy.  Here are my:

10 Reasons I Chose Maskcara

 The Maskcara Experiment


The product: I really love the product and I actually use it.  Selling something is hard enough, so selling something you don’t like would be impossible.  Maskcara products are quality and they make me feel pretty.  Win.

The girl:  This makeup was made by Cara, a makeup artist who sold her makeup for a couple of years before turning it into a MLM opportunity.  The makeup is tried and true and people love it.

The compensation.  All artists get at least 20% of their sales.  You can earn a higher percentage if you sell more or have a downline.   Having a this 20% base percentage, no matter what, makes sense for me because not everything is dependent on getting people to sell under you.

The stock solution. You don’t have to keep any makeup in stock.  Once you buy the kit, you won’t have to buy any more products.  You have your own Maskcara website people can order from. This is different from MLMs.  For example with LipSense, you have to have your lipsticks in stock to sell them.  That means you take on the risk of carrying an inventory and you have to store it in your home.

The customer keeping plan.  Once someone orders from your site, they become your customer for life.  So, if they later make other orders, you get a commission on them even though you didn’t initiate the repeat sale.

The business approach: I like Cara’s approach to business.  She trains her artists and also encourages them to not feel like they have to do it one way.  In her recent email to her distributors, she said, “So get out there and do the things you like, and don’t worry about the things you don’t want to do! If you love to promote your business through Instagram but don’t love getting on Snapchat, just focus on Instagram!”  

The no push approach:  I have had zero push to sell or to build my down line from my upline.  They have been there to support but never to push me to do something I wouldn’t want to do.

The numbers:  Avon has 6,000,000, Mary Kay has 4,000,000, Younique has 700,000, Senegence (Lip Sense) has 168,000 and Maskcara has just over 3,000 (as of June 2017).  This is a great time to get in while the market isn’t saturated.

The shut off:  When Maskcara stock went low, they stopped allowing people to sign up as distributors.  As I said before, I signed up for Lip Sense and everything was out of stock and still is three months later. I appreciate that Maskcara saw that they couldn’t give new artists the tools they needed to succed, so <they> stopped accepting them.

The routine:  I really do love how Maskcara makeup makes my morning routine quick and easy.

Should I become a Maskcara distributor 10 reasons why I chose to become a maskcara distributors and three reasons I almost didn't Maskcara Makeup by

Here are my three reasons I almost didn’t choose Maskcara:

  1.  The cost of entry.  It costs either $199 or $399 to become a distributor depending on if you want the Basic or Pro Kit.  I’m an all-in kind of person, so of course I went pro.  This is a lot more than the $55 for LipSense.
  2. The newness of being an MLM.  There are some cons about being so young with this MLM game.  They’ve had a couple times when a lot of things were out of stock and they are working on getting direct distributor links to products, but they are working on getting everything right.  The cost of coming in early with a MLM company is being a part of the growing pains.
  3. The individual nature of the product. This experiment is to see if selling through an MLM can be done online, but Maskcara makeup requires you to get the right color for your client.  This can be tricky online.  I’ve come up with a solution for this, but you’ll have to wait until Monday to find out my plan.

So, those are the 10 reasons I chose Maskcara and the 3 reasons I almost didn’t.

Stay tuned!  Next Monday, I’ll be sharing my plan on how to make this experiment work.  Have any questions about Maskcara or The Maskcara Experiment?  Leave me a comment.

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10 Reasons I Became a Maskcara Distributor and 3 Reasons I Almost Didn’t

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