14 days to a thriving email list

Email Lists

You've heard about growing an email list.
You know you need one.
But where to start?

Conquer that email list in 14 days by:
1. Joining the challenge
2. Getting daily training and action steps
3. Feeling confident with your growing email list 
Honestly, I wasn't sure if an email list was worth the trouble...

Was an email list worth it?  Could it really grow my business?  Would it actually make me money?

I decided to put it to the test.  I started an experiment.  I joined an MLM ( I know, I know, but hear me out) and tried to grow it with only my email list and blog--yep, that's right, no parties or selling to my friends.

One year later and that email sequence I created two years ago still makes me consistent sales EVERY SINGLE MONTH. That email list has made me thousands $$$ and all without ever having to sell in-person.

Now, if this email list can make my MLM grow, girl, it will work for you.

Build your foundation
Before you start building an email list, you need to know the foundation of your business.  The first videos will help you hone in on your audience so that you know how to create an irresistible  opt-in to get your ideal people begging to get on your list.
Learn the technical
Let's learn the technical part of creating an email system that works for you, even when you are sleeping.  Plus, I'm handing over my email templates so that you can copy and paste and be ready to go.
Launch and grow
Once that email list is set up, let's get those numbers growing.  I'm going to show you how to get your current audience to jump on your list and how to pitch it to new followers to get your business growing and you making money.
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