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Hey Friends, 3 Reasons you need a blog?

The Great Blog Revival starts today! Lesson 1.

So, I know what you are thinking.  You are a creative, not a writer.  You don’t have time to blog and who even knows what to write about.  Well, I am here to tell you that YOU are a writer.  YOU have a unique perspective and YOU have a business that could benefit from blogging.

How are you currently getting clients?  Word-of-mouth probably, right?  And social media too?  Well, what if you could reach more people using content that is evergreen, the kind that you don’t have to stay on top of every single day.

I just read a marketing blog that said that 70% of its traffic came from old posts and 90% of its leads come from old content.  Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat, don’t have that kind of shelf life.  Once your content is buried under post after post on your feed, they hardly ever surface.

So, blogging might be for you and you can do it!  Here are the three reasons you should be blogging regularly.

  1.  SEO or  Search Engine Optimization, which is basically how search engines like Google and Bing find relevant content for the person who is searching for you.  Google takes into consideration if your blog is active and posting regularly with applicable content can bump you up on Google’s ranking.
  2. Virtual resume.  A blog is a resume for your work and your knowledge.  It is a place that you can update often to help your readers continue to be engaged.  When you started out in your industry, whether that is photography, graphic design, home design, or whatever, you weren’t as good as you are now (assuming that you are continuing to grow and learn and progress).  When you have a static page where you either never post or one that is simply a portfolio site, your most recent and best work is usually not seen.
  3. Home base.  Everyone needs a place to come home to.  All of your marketing and social media efforts should be geared to getting people back to your website where you can catch their email address so that you can share your information and products to your followers.

Have I convinced you?  Well, I hope so!  I will be going through all the steps to revive your blog.  Want to follow along?  Click here to get the worksheets!

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