how to get unstuck in your business.

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Unstuck in your Business

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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Unstuck in your Business

Are you feeling stuck in your business? Do you ever feel like your mindset is keeping you from achieving your goals? Me too. But I have something that will help us! This post is filled with 5 sure-fire ways to get unstuck in your business. My friend, Jaime Gordon, known as the unstuckologist, shares mindset exercises she uses that work like magic every single time. She is an expert in getting unstuck and going after–and getting–what you want. 


Jaime spent the majority of her twenties and thirties battling depression and anxiety. She did a lot of internal work and learned A LOT through that. She continues to do the internal work because the work is never “really” done, right? Later on, Jaime realized she spent those years of her life playing it small and not going after what she really wanted. But she also knew it didn’t have to stay that way. 

Inspired by what she learned, Jaime made it her mission to share this belief that you don’t have to stay stuck with as many as she can, hoping her message will reach the right people. Jaime now owns a coaching practice where she coaches individuals, groups, and businesses on how to get unstuck. 


5 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Unstuck in your Business


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How to Get Unstuck #1: Overcoming Shame

One of the biggest missteps that keep us stuck is trying to prevent bad things from happening. Instead, we should focus on what we can do to produce what we want. This mindset shift is tricky to make because our brains are working so hard to protect us from bad things happening.

Shame is the most common place women get stuck. And shame feels like trying to run a marathon with cement shoes on. Every step is so heavy and so hard. Some may keep pushing against that resistance or others will shut down and do nothing. Neither of these options is bad, but there are better ones we could be trying out. 

So, what are these better options?

When you notice you’re about to go down that doom and gloom path, figure out where you are on your map. Meaning, what types of feelings are you experiencing? Are you anxious, ashamed, or scared? And then identify what actions you’re taking due to those feelings you’re experiencing. For some, this could look like binge-watching a show on Netflix and almost completely shutting down from feeling. For others, it could look like throwing yourself into tons of projects to keep your mind busy. 

To change this cycle of reacting this way to your shameful feelings, you need to tell yourself it’s OK to be where you’re at and feel the feelings you’re having. And to even meet yourself with compassion. 

The goal is to meet yourself with compassion every single time. Because shame rarely gets you to do things that seem scary, and it definitely doesn’t make you do it with ease. So, we have to train our brains to choose compassion over and over again when we get in those situations. Then, we will get a better grip on our thoughts and feelings when we run into those times when our brain is telling us to feel scared and anxious. 


best tips for getting unstuck in your business.


How to Get Unstuck #2: Overcome Anxiety 

Jaime uses a very simple brain exercise that works like magic when it comes to overcoming anxiety. She finally feels like she has a better handle on her anxiety than it has on her. She likes to call it the “What else is possible game.” Here’s an example of how this exercise works:

Let’s say you are afraid to post on social media for your business. You find yourself avoiding it or posting things that are really not authentic. It’s like you’re going through the motions to check it off the list, but you’re not actually moving any closer to your goals. 

So, you need to ask yourself, what am I feeling that’s causing me to act this way? Identify the emotion and then ask yourself, what am I thinking that’s causing this feeling? And there might be multiple thoughts. If there are multiple, isolate just one thought. Let’s say it’s, “I’m afraid I’m going to fail.”

I know that’s a broad thought, but it reads true for a lot of us because our ego does not want to look bad. Although this is the first thought we are having, we don’t have to stop there. We could think of other options and our brains can fill us with more positive outcomes too.

So, instead of asking ourselves, what if we fail? We could ask, what if I succeed? Or, what if I fail and then I learn from my mistakes and try again? Asking these types of questions that better serve us will help us get out of that scarcity mindset and into a mindset that is hopeful and positive. Then, you’ll be able to see that as your thoughts shift, so will your emotions–and then your behavior. 


How to Get Unstuck #3: Use Your Fears to Serve You

Our brains are really good at spiraling out of control and thinking of the worst possible outcomes when we are afraid of something. But if we can train our brains to slow down and consciously think through our fearful thoughts then we can use our fears to help us. 

For example, let’s say you are having this fear that you are spending too much time on your business and not enough time with your kids. You might start to fear that your kids feel like you spend too much time working. And then shame may try to creep in. But that’s when you stop yourself and ask, where is this fear really coming from?

And this fear is really a desire that you want to spend more time with your kids. So then do that. Go take an hour or two and do something fun with them. So, your fear was really there to help you see what you’re wanting, rather than what you’re doing wrong. You just have to recognize it because it may not always seem that way at first glance. 

So, sometimes your fear is just your inner wisdom trying to communicate to you. So, we don’t want to avoid feeling fearful, we just want to analyze it and see where it’s really coming from.


how to overcome fear and anxiety as a business owner.


How to Get Unstuck #4: Overcoming Fear of Judgment 

As you continue to grow your business, this means more and more people know who you are. And, as our brains tell us, this is more opportunity for people to judge you. This fear of judgment can be something that holds us back from meeting our goals. 

But, what if you learn how to be OK with some of the judgments people make about you? For example, let’s say someone said you were such a fraud because how you show up on social media is not your real life. 

That hurts, right? And that’s OK. But what if a part of you thought, “You’re right, I am a fraud. I can see that.” Accepting this statement, instead of fearing it, will help you be OK with what’s happening and move on. I’m not saying you need to accept any term someone claims you to be, but you can at least question it and see if any part of it is true. 

Because who is really 100 percent authentic on any given day? So, we are all frauds at one point or another and it’s nothing to be ashamed about. So, the next time you start to feel the fear of judgment creeping in, just think about all the things you are–good and bad–and accept it wholeheartedly. And, remember, meet yourself with compassion. 


How to Get Unstuck #5: Moving Forward in Your Business

One last question I asked Jaime is what she would say to those of you who feel stuck in order to push you forward. And she said the first thing you need to know is that you’re actually not stuck, but just feel stuck. Feeling stuck is actually just a fancy victim story. So we need to get out of that victim mindset by focusing on what we CAN do and what we do want, rather than what we don’t have.

So, think about what you want and start to create a pretty specific story around it. This is the most important step. To do this, ask yourself questions like, who do I need to be to make this story come true? What type of qualities do I need to embody to help me reach this goal with ease/creativity/fun?

Then imagine what it would be like to be this person. How would they think about this problem you’re having? What actionable steps would they take to solve it? And then take those steps in real-time. 

The good news is that we are way more equipped than we think we are. We have more information than we even know what to do with. We are completely capable of walking ourselves out of feeling trapped and into a place where we are thriving. And we can do it over and over again. We just have to take the time to analyze our emotions because once we do we will be able to go a lot farther a lot faster. 


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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Unstuck in your Business

Alright, those are the 5 sure-fire ways to get unstuck in your business. Isn’t Jaime great? When I interviewed her I felt like I was sitting in a coaching session. There’s so much we can learn from her! So if you want to know more about what Jaime has to say, you can follow her on Instagram @unstuckologist. You can visit her website here and sign up for her free 4-day training on how to overcome your fears. 

OK, that’s it! I’m so happy you’re here and I can’t wait to share more biz tips and tricks with you. Make sure to follow me on Instagram @iammichellegifford so you can stay up to date with all the best things you need to know for running a successful business! 

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