The Biz Sister School

You've got big business goals, let's make them a reality.

Biz Sister School is an 8-week guided video course and community that will take you through the proven strategies of building your business for online success.

Enrollment closes on March 22!

Oh, hey you.  I'm Michelle
I see you, sister, looking at your phone wondering what to post. Your thumbs hovering over the keyboard, head bowed as if praying that hitting that "post" button will magically bring in clients.

Turns out, post and pray doesn't work.

Imagine if your content was seen by thousands instead of dozens and you actually saw sales from pinning on Pinterest and posting on Instagram.

This course will show you how.

I've been doing online business for the last 13 years and I've created 4 businesses and one non-profit.  And now I teach the simple strategy of how I did it.  I have helped hundreds of women just like you and I also coach some of the top influencers.  

I want to walk you through how to set your business up the right way so that you can start making money easily.

('s easier than you think)

Are you:
  • tired of spinning your wheels?
  • wondering which "expert" to listen to? 
  • ready to automate more to get time back?
  • excited to make content that makes money?
  • tired of wasting your time piecing together resources?
  • wanting a step-by-step process to build your business the right way?

I feel ya, sister.  The Biz Sister School is for you.

The process is super easy:
1.Learn the proven method

I work with hundreds of business owners and influencers. I want to show you how I teach them to get organic traffic and sales through a system that works.

2. Get step-by-step instructions

Stop wasting time searching on Google or trying to piece together all of the free resources. This course will walk you through how to get your business set up right.

3. Have the community and accountability to get it done

You shouldn't do business alone.  This course is going to be the sisterhood and help you need to get 'er done.

I've been working with Michelle for less than a year and my business has doubled.
Rikki Hubbard
What makes the Biz Sister School different than any other business course?
No facebook group
Yep, that's right.  I've searched for something that is going to be way more personal.  We are using Marco Polo's new app that hasn't even been released yet.  This new app is going to make this way more personal because you will be able to respond with video questions and answers.  This is going to make a real community. I'm so excited I can't even handle it!
Course happens on your phone
We will be using the new Marco Polo app to deliver the videos so it will make it easier than ever to watch and get your work done.  (You will also be able to watch them online if you prefer that too).
Daily videos and assignments
The course is broken up into 8 weeks.  Each day you will get a 10-15 minute video lesson published in the app.  These are quick lessons and assignments that you will be able to accomplish every day.  (The week's videos will also be released at the beginning of each week online if you would rather watch them Netflix binge style.)
Easy and simple instruction
Business doesn't have to be confusing or hard.  Really.  I've broken it down into easy to follow and easy to accomplish lessons.  And, the community and I will be with you every step of the way.
From someone who has done it and does it
This is a proven method.  I've done it and it works.  I've taught it and it works.  I've helped big businesses, local shops, influencers, MLM's and it works.
What's in the Biz Sister School?
We take things step-by-step:

Week 1: 

Get clear on your brand

Creating a foundation for your business starts with getting clear on your brand.  

Week 2:

The story your brand tells

Every wonder how people create a brand that is irresistible and attracts all the right people?  Well, sister, I know how they do it and I'm going to teach you.  You are going to be more confident and will know exactly what to post and when.

Week 3:

Email marketing

Want to make sells when you sleep?  Learn how to create a system that leads your people into buying your product.  

Week 4:


Guess what, blogging is NOT dead.  It actually can be a machine that gets people who are searching for your product to get to your site organically (read: without spending money).  It is amazing and magical and easy with this process.

Week 5:


Pinterest is not just for your next home decor product.  Nope. Pinterest can be used to get the right people to your site so that you can make money even when you're sleeping.  I'll show you how to do it.

Week 6:


Instagram isn't a mystery.  There is actually a real, easy way to do it and get the right kind of following so that your posting has purpose.

Week 7:

Content Strategy

Create a simple strategy that helps you achieve your goals and serve your audience.

Week 8:

Planning and implementation

Now that your business is set up the right way, we will be making a plan to help it grow,

This course will teach you the strategy I use to help my big time influencer clients grow online
Worth more than $1,800!!
The course
Access to the group community and app
weekly Q&A

Group coaching
The course
Access to the group community and app
Access to a small coaching group
weekly Q&A for 8 weeks
Michelle answers questions in small group
assignment review (you turn in your assignments and get real feedback)
Limited spots available!
One-on-one coaching
The course
Access to the group app
Access to the small group app
Weekly Q&A
assignment review
2- 1 hour coaching calls
access to Michelle for questions via Marco Polo

Only 2 spots available 

The Biz Sister School is for women who are ready to take their business seriously, who are tired of spinning their wheels and are ready to make a massive impact  and really kick this business into gear.

You know it is time to do this, you feel it, you know it.  

And, I'll be with you every step of the way.

I mean business.
Sister, I don't want you to stay stuck.  I don't want you to look back in 2 months and regret that you didn't make the jump.  

Click the button below and sign up now.  You won't regret it.
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