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Maybe you've tried blogging before, but you gave up because it was too time consuming to figure it out on your own.

Between designing a blog, creating content, understanding Pinterest and SEO... it can be a headache to figure.

blogging 101


Learn how to blog the RIGHT way!

I've seen it before. You're not alone!

Guess what? Blogging doesn't have to be confusing or hard.

Blogging can be SIMPLE and EASY.

A blog will give your content long-term conversion power without being ruled by the algorithm, help you be seen as an authority, and build a loyal audience.

What if you had a blog that...

What if you knew how to blog the right way and could grow your business in your sleep?

Brought you traffic and generated new leads & sales while you focus on what you love?

Organically drove traffic to your website with people who are searching for your content?

AND made you money while you sleep? No more babysitting your content 24/7.

it's time to start creating content that attracts your ideal audience. 

learn the basics

Create content

Master the art of using plugins, Pinterest, and search engines to drive organic traffic to your site — bringing you money while you sleep!

Drive traffic

Learn how to set up your blog correctly, both technically on the backend and visually on the frontend, to attract your ideal audience and customer.  

See how easy it is to plan out and write effective blog posts that your audience wants to read and will help you highlight your product.

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get started today with Blogging 101!

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Blogging 101 will teach you how to blog the RIGHT way. In this course you will:

Set up your blog for long-term success! I've got you, sister!

Plan and create content that lasts more than 48 hours like the pros!

Step away from social media and get your life back. 

Reach your ideal customer without chasing them down.

Wake up each morning to new, organic traffic on your website that generates sales in your sleep!

Ready to learn how to create a top-notch blog that will help your business grow?

Let me show you how to...

I'm going to show you the exact process that I have used to transform hundreds of businesses and increase revenues for top Influencers.

I'm a brand strategist, business coach, content queen, and work-at-home mom to five. Over the past 16 years, I've built 5 successful businesses and now I get to help others do the same.

I've helped hundreds of women take their businesses to the next level. Whether it's a mom ready to launch her business or an Influencer ready to launch her new course, I'm here for it.
I have been teaching business owners how to blog the right way for over 6 years. Now, my agency creates blog content & increases revenues for top Influencers and bloggers using my blogging system. 

I want to help you have a business that is set up for long term success.

You don't have time to waste. I can't wait to show you how to blog the right way so you can make money while you sleep.

I'm Michelle Gifford!

get started today

content that works


A framework to rely on as you create blog content.

My exact system for creating blog posts that your audience will want to read.

Strategies that are simple and easy to use.

A proven method for making money while you sleep!

you can stay stuck...

Wondering if you're just wasting time and money trying to blog when nobody seems to be reading your posts?

Frustrated that you don't know how to blog the right way.

Overwhelmed with information from tutorials that contradict each other.

or you can...

Attract your ideal customer to your website while you are out living your life.

Learn how to blog the RIGHT way.

Be confident that your content, strategy, and website are setting up your business for long term success.

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