Is blogging dead? Why I tell all of my clients they need a blog for their business.

Blogging Isn’t Dead- Why You Need a Blog

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Today we’re talking about the death of blogging. So many people think that blogging isn’t relevant or necessary in 2020. So, let’s talk about blogging. I really love blogging. I think it’s a really good part of your business strategy. A lot of the stuff that I do for my higher-end clients and Influencers has to do with blogging. So, spoiler alert– blogging isn’t dead. 

Is blogging dead? Why I tell all of my clients they need a blog for their business.

Why You Need to Blog and How You Can Make it an Essential Part of Your Business.

So let’s talk about this, a lot of people are saying that blogging is dead. This is because they are picturing it in the 2008 boom when everyone was blogging about every detail that was happening in their lives. That was a different time, but that is how blogging came to be. That is when we got mommy bloggers, who have now transitioned into Influencers. That type of blogging is dead. I’ll agree with you there. Blogging is not a journal online anymore. But blogging itself isn’t dead. I blog a lot and I blog for other people a lot, too. My team and I write a lot of blog posts!

So what does blogging look like today? Blogging today is all about creating content that people are searching for. Content that serves people, helps people, and teaches people. That’s why we’re blogging in 2020. If you are going to have a successful blog, you have to be aware that the purpose is different now. If you are blogging about your life, that’s fine. But that’s a personal blog, not a business blog. A business blog focuses on one particular niche. And it speaks directly to that niche. It becomes an online resource for that specific topic. If you start looking at your blog like that, then it can be a great extension of your brand. And that is why you need a blog!

#1 Reason You Need a Blog 

Your business need a home base.

You need somewhere to send people where they can see your work and see examples of who you are. And you need someplace that is permanent. Social media is not permanent. If you don’ t have a permanent place for your content and Instagram blocks you, you are in trouble. I believe in long term content. I’ve said this before many times. I have blog posts from years ago that are still relevant and still searched out online.  Those blog posts are still making me money years later. I’m able to still make money on old content because I’m very specific about the people I serve and I’m specific about how I speak to them. That’s the kind of content I want you to have. Everyone needs content that can make them money years later without more work on your part. This is another reason why blogging isn’t dead in 2020 and why it won’t be for a long time!

Blogging is a very organic way to drive traffic to your site. It’s cool because you can create a blog post for a specific target person and if you do it right with good SEO (Search Engine Optimization), then you can actually get people coming to your site who are looking for what you have to offer. Isn’t that amazing?! 

I think that people aren’t utilizing blogging well enough because they have Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook that are a little more fun and exciting. But sometimes you need to prioritize where you are going to make money. That’s my spiel about blogging and why blogging isn’t dead.

How do you blog with purpose and strategy?

Now that I’ve convinced you that you need a blog. The way that you blog with purpose and strategy is important. I don’t want you to just create content to create content. I feel strongly about this. Don’t waste your valuable time!

You need to know specifics about who you serve-really niche down- and what problems you solve. Once you know what problems you solve and who you are speaking to, then you can speak directly to their problems. Let’s say you’re a plant shop and the problem is that people don’t know how to raise plants at home. This is something you can write a ton of blog posts about. These posts could lead to a course, affiliate programs or products, and they could guide people to your email list. This the formula for how I would recommend you grow your blog right now. Think about the blogs you read, you’ll see that this type of blogging isn’t dead. 

Why My Blog Strategy is Different Than My Social Media Strategy

I think of my blog people as separate from my Instagram people. On Instagram, people interact with me daily and know me as a person. But on my blog, a lot of people find me there from Google and Pinterest. It’s a magnet for people who need what I’m creating.  

If you start thinking about your blog like that it makes a whole lot of difference in the type of content you create and the diligence that you blog with. Now, remember, blogging is not a quick fix. I’ve coached so many people who tell me, “I’ve been blogging for one month and I see no results.” It makes me laugh when people say that.

It takes about 6 months of you blogging 1-2 times a week for Google to start indexing you on their search engines. It takes that long for them to say that you’re the expert in your niche. Just remember,  if you’re committing to blogging it does take time. But that time is such a beautiful investment because you totally get it back. It’s not as shiny as Instagram, and you don’t get the instant feedback,  but your posts will be seen for longer on your blog. Instagram posts are in the feed for maybe 24 hrs and only ⅓ of your followers see it, right? But a blog post lives forever and it is shown to people who are searching for you. That’s the beauty of blogging!

Every blog post that you create should:

  • have a purpose
  • have an audience that you’re specifically working towards finding and attracting
  • lead to your email list
  • have an affiliate product or something you’re selling  

Blogging Isn’t Dead!

Blogging isn’t dead! I love it. It’s a great way to make extra money and be another revenue stream for your business. If you need help starting a blog, I have a blog post for you, 30 Minutes to Start a Blog

Note– I always recommend starting a WordPress blog. I will never recommend starting with Wix, or Squarespace because they aren’t going to help you very much on Pinterest and google. WordPress is a little bit harder to learn up front, but it is so much better in the long run because the content you create will be seen more on Pinterest and Google. That’s the ultimate goal with blogging, right? Right. With my WordPress site, I use Bluehost to host my blog. I go over this in my post HERE. If you’re ready to dive in, check out that post. 

Looking for More?

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Blogging Isn't Dead! Why your online business needs a blog.
Is Blogging Dead? How to use a blog in your business.
Blogging isn't dead! Why your online business needs a blog.

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