I've been working with Michelle for less than a year and my business has doubled.
Rikki Hubbard
What's in the Biz Sister Society?
Monthly Coaching 

Ready for a plan that is specific to your business?  Spend time with Michelle each month to design your next steps and to map out your business.  

She'll give you the hand holding as well as the pat on the buns to get you into action.  

Email Funnel Creation

You know you need an email opt-in with an email sequence to make you money while you sleep, but how do you know how to create one that converts?

Let Michelle and her team take care of it.  They will design your opt-in and write your email sequence and help you build the systems that will help you make money.

Brand Creation

Get your message crystal clear.  Michelle will create a brand guide to help you get clarity about your business.

You will get access to Michelle's team to get your visual brand, logo and design created and on your website.

Action steps & Accountability

You shouldn't have to go through this business alone.  Let me hold your hand and walk you through your next steps.

We will have a Facebook Mastermind group where Michelle will answer your questions and you will get the accountability and support you need.

"It's not that I don't have any clue what to do, but I just have so many balls in the air that I don't always end up doing the things I know will really help my business (I'm looking at you email marketing and Pinterest). Michelle has helped me not only get a killer strategy in place but actually get excited about all of it. I totally trust her to help me take my business to the next level."
Lisa Funk

The Biz Sister Society is for no-nonsense business women who are ready to take their business seriously, who are tired of spinning their wheels and are ready to make a massive impact (without spending a massive amount of time).

Toe-dippers need not apply.

I mean business.
The specifics:

You'll get:

-Brand story creation (worth $750)

-1 hour one-on-one strategy session and accountability every month for 3 months (worth $2,000)

-Small facebook group for support where I will be available to ask questions (worth $750)

-access to my Biz Academy (worth $298)

-Design work for visual brand design (logos, colors, web design) (worth $2400)

-Email opt-in creation (worth $1200)

-Email funnel creation (worth $1750)

-Pinterest account created or cleaned up and branded (worth $1,200)

That's more than $10,000 worth of services.

The Biz Sister Society is a 3 month program and is $2,500/month or one payment of $7,000
Just think of how much your business could grow in 3 months.
Limited spots open.  Apply today!
You have big dreams and plans for your business.  You've spent weeks, months or even years thinking about creating that course or finishing that project, but you need someone who knows the business to help you with your business.  

I'm your girl.

For the past 13 years, I've built my business around a strategic content plan and helped hundreds do the same.
Click the button below and let's take some things off your plate.  
You can stay stuck in the same business rut you've been in for more than a year or you could join the Biz Sister Society and completely change your business.
You know I go all in and I can't wait to go all in with your business.
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