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Get access to all of Michelle's business building courses to help you start and grow your business the right way.

2. Community and

Growing a business shouldn't be lonely. Join a community of women who get it and who support and cheer you on.  

3. Confidence to take the next steps to grow your business

Use these proven strategies to grow your business the right and easy way.

Hey friend,
I'm so glad you're here.  I've been a part of this online business world for 13 years and I've had a successful Etsy shop, photography business, non-profit, podcast and business mentoring program. These businesses have taught me a lot and I want to short cut your growth and help you make more money faster.

Business can be fun and I want to help you all I can.

Come join the dance party!

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What's in the Michelle Gifford Business Academy?
Blogging Bootcamp
$199 value
Get your blog set up the right way so that your content gets seen and found on Google and Pinterest. 
Email Marketing Bootcamp
$199 value
Learn how to start and grow your email list so that you can start making money while you sleep.
Branding Bootcamp
$99 value
Get your brand set up right.  No more second guessing or wasting time.
Instagram Bootcamp
$149 value
Up your Instagram game right now and start having more fun and getting more leads on Instagram.
Photography Bootcamp
$149 value
Start taking photos like a pro with your nice camera.  
Pinterest Bootcamp
$149 value
Pinterest is for more than just planning parties.  Pinterest is an amazing search engine that can really make a difference in your business.
Phone Photography Bootcamp
$49 value
You don't need fancy equipment to get Instagram worthy pictures.  You just need a little know-how!  Learn how to utilize your phone to take better pictures.
Get all of these courses and coaching worth more than $900 for $99/month

And this library will be growing all the time!  This could be the last investment you make in growing your business.  

We love our members! Here's what they have to say about the Business Academy

The information, training and delivery system that Michelle uses makes it easy to understand and put into practice. From Branding to Social Media and all topics in between. You and your will be impacted by adding even the smallest bits of information she provides you with. 

Holly Ball
Michelle Gifford has been the guiding light to clarity for my business. She made it easy to understand and figure out just what I wanted my brand to be. You can see that through the years she educated herself nonstop and now she is bringing all that knowledge to you in bite sized pieces that make you say "Duh, why didn't I think of that" and " Holy cow this is way too genius!
Bekah  Cressman

I have loved working with Michelle as I grow my business. She has figured out how to help others work smarter not harder and see results from it. She’s not just smoke and mirrors like some courses I’ve taken to boost business. Thank you Michelle!

Brittany Duncan

Michelle is the real deal. Her advice his spot on, experience is vast, concern is genuine and her approach is from a moral and authentic place. She is down-to-earth and she gives far more than she receives from what I can tell. On the fence about joining? I say do it. She’ll take good care of you.
Kaylee Gwilliam

Friend, let's talk

I know, you might be on the fence about joining the Business Academy, but don't be.  

You are worth investing in.  Your business is worth investing in.  Your dream is worth investing in. 

I've been where you are and I've coached hundreds of women just like you and guess what, I believe in us.  

Join the Business Academy below.

"Between her encouragement, her support and yes, even her tough love I have felt my heart open up and grow.She's made me see that I have a voice, it is important and has encouraged me to go forward and sharing my words with the world."

Erin Barkel
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