The political scene in America has been a little rough for the past year.  With so much fighting on both political sides, it was hard to cut through the rhetoric and get to the facts.  In October of 2020, right before the election, Sharon McMahon, a past high school Government teacher, photographer, and business […]

8 Ways HoneyBook Helps You Grow Your Business HoneyBook is the full package when it comes to helping you manage your growing business. Everything from online contracts to automated workflows–HoneyBook provides a treasure trove of helpful tools for your success. And it’s tailor-made for creative and service-based businesses! Here are 8 ways HoneyBook helps you […]

13 Irresistible Reasons I Chose HoneyBook to Manage My Creative Business I absolutely love doing using HoneyBook to manage my creative business. I used to have to use multiple services and platforms to accomplish everything that HoneyBook can do by itself. Now that my business is growing quickly, HoneyBook has become even more vital to […]

What to buy on Black Friday for your Business: Black Friday is really one of the days that changed my business forever.  We were poor college students and I had my eye on a new camera.  I’d always wanted to be a photographer and when DSLR cameras came onto the market, I desperately wanted a […]

Best Camera Bags

Apr 9, 2018

Best Camera Bags for the Mom, Photographer and Girl on the Go Let’s take a minute and chat bags.  I get asked a lot which camera bag, diaper bag and purse I use.  The answer to all of those is the same: JoTotes. JoTotes is a camera bag company whose bags are designed with adjustable […]

Affiliates for photographers to make more money 3 Unexpected Affiliates for Photographers Preparing, emailing, texting, shooting, culling, editing, sharing, blogging, choosing, delivering. As a photographer, there are a lot of steps for each session.  What if you could make some money on some of those steps and not just on the sell?  Well, I’ve got […]

Over the summer, I took our kids on our yearly pilgrimage to Utah.   Most of our time was spent in the mountains or out to the field, riding horses, chasing cows and running free. After a month away, it is time for a State of the Experiment. Recap: A few months ago, I joined […]

What to do if you can’t afford a makeup artist. At the end of a very long and very fun session a few weeks ago, my assistant was talking to the senior and I was standing by the senior’s mom.  The mom breathed a big sigh and said, “This is exactly what she needed.” She […]

  How to Choose a Camera Let’s talk about how to choose a camera.  So, you know your budget and what you are going to use your camera for and how much time you are going to invest in learning how to use it (if not, check out this post), now it is time to […]

A Photographers Christmas List Does you husband ever ask you want you want for Christmas?  Mine does.  The trouble is that he wants to surprise me while still getting me something that I need and love.   I have settled on creating a Christmas list and then he can pick and choose what he wants to […]

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