(Buy my shirt here Womens Fitness Taco Funny Gym T Shirt Humorous Mexican Food Tee For Ladies (Yellow) -L) Maskcara Artist Podcast Episode 4 Looking around at all of the other Maskcara artists, can quickly become overwhelming. You see all of their followers and success and want to know how to get those thousands and […]

If you have followed me at all, you will know that I believe that God should be a part of every part of your life and that includes your business. (I even have a whole Mormon Mompreneur podcast about that.) Every business that I have started has come about because I have felt prompted to […]

When you Sign Up as a Maskcara Artist: 3 Steps to take You’ve been studying and praying and you finally took the leap to be a Maskcara Artist.  You bought the kit, now what?  If you have a good upline, then you should be getting a welcome email letting you know what’s next.  But, just in […]

Over the summer, I took our kids on our yearly pilgrimage to Utah.   Most of our time was spent in the mountains or out to the field, riding horses, chasing cows and running free. After a month away, it is time for a State of the Experiment. Recap: A few months ago, I joined […]

Two weeks ago, I told you that I was trying an experiment. As a long time online business owner, I am testing out tried and true business principles to see if I can create a successful business as part of a MLM (multi-level marketing) business without selling to my friends online or at a party. […]

A big thank you to all of those who have already joined this journey with us.  If you haven’t ready  post 1 and post 2 about this experiment, go check them out now. In this post, I’m going to be giving you the problems I faced by trying this online business experiment and then in […]

10 Reasons I Became a Maskcara Distributor and 3 Reasons I Almost Didn’t From my previous post, you already know that I chose to do this experiment (read about it here) with Maskcara makeup.  But, honestly, it wasn’t my first choice.  I first joined LipSense because the cost of entry was only $55.  Well, I entered […]

The Maskcara Experiment On last count, I was a part of more than 40 Facebook groups that I never opted to join.  Each of these groups was started by a friend to try to sell me LulaRoe, LipSense or the like.  I actually am not mad at these women.  They are just trying to make their […]

How to take before and after pictures for beauty artists. When I thought about creating this post, I asked a few friends to be my models while I put my Maskcara makeup (which you can check out here) on them and take some before and after shots.  I found that most of my friends were hesitant […]

What to do if you can’t afford a makeup artist. At the end of a very long and very fun session a few weeks ago, my assistant was talking to the senior and I was standing by the senior’s mom.  The mom breathed a big sigh and said, “This is exactly what she needed.” She […]

    1. Maskcara face pallette There are two things I like in my makeup: 1.  Make me look and feel pretty.  2.  Make that all happen fast. My mom always told me that the first thing that you do when you get up in the morning is get ready for the day.  It is easier to […]

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