If you heard that 50% of self made millionaires do this one thing every day, would you want to do it? I’m going to talk about why a morning routine is so important and why you should do one, too.  We are in this pandemic with all of the kids home. There was a time […]

Podcast Episode 72- 3 Tips on How to Have Peace in Chaos  There’s been a lot of crazy things happening over the past few months. This episode is for all of you who are in the thick of it. I want to share how to stay spiritually grounded and have peace in chaos. We have […]

Today I’ve got 11 tips for being productive while working at home. But first, a little background for you, I’ve always had a business at home with my kids. This year is the first year I’ve had a few hours a week without any kids around. So these tips come from a place of experience, […]

Today I want to share how I’ve been raising babies and building businesses for the past 13 years. Did you know I have 5 kids? Yes, I know it’s crazy. This is why I wanted to talk to you about my story and my journey in business and also motherhood. It makes me emotional just […]

  In the middle of last year, we bought a house.  It definitely wasn’t planned, but we felt directed by God, so we bought this house and we absolutely love it.  (If you want to hear the whole story, listen here.  It is miraculous.) Well, you know how long it takes to unpack and get […]

Running a business takes a lot more than learning email marketing and social media.  You are a mom, with a family and that family eats.  And, if you are like my little, big family, they eat a lot and often.  I know how it feels to be staring at the stove at the 4:30 witching […]

This episode of the Michelle Gifford podcast is a little different from the usual ones, because I am sharing the story of our recent home buying and selling! No, we were not looking to buy a house but when the right one comes up, sometimes you have to take a leap! We took a day […]

   Confessions of a Work at Home Mom I couldn’t believe it.  Only a few days before, I had given birth to my fifth baby and I was going live to teach about photography. I knew people thought I was crazy.  I should be resting and soaking in every moment, but I couldn’t.  I was […]

Summer has officially hit.  The first couple weeks are the hardest as we try to get used to being in the same space all the time.  Someone is always talking, like always.  And usually it is all nonsense or fighting.  I needed to find some magic and I did. Enter the magical world of podcasts […]

How to use Favoreats a step-by-step guide Dinner together as a family is a non-negotiable at my house.  So, that makes making dinner a pretty important to-do on my list.  I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately with knowing what to cook, so I just have gone down my list of go-to meals.  […]

Hey Mamas!  Mother’s Day is just around the corner and while I love the holiday, I always hate being asked what I want for a Mother’s Day gift.  Over the last couple years, I have met some amazing small business owners with amazing products.  Each of these gifts I’ve personally tried and loved, so I […]

Best Camera Bags

Apr 9, 2018

Best Camera Bags for the Mom, Photographer and Girl on the Go Let’s take a minute and chat bags.  I get asked a lot which camera bag, diaper bag and purse I use.  The answer to all of those is the same: JoTotes. JoTotes is a camera bag company whose bags are designed with adjustable […]

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