3 Ways Tailwind Saves Me Time Marketing on Pinterest has never been so easy! You already have an audience of people actively seeking out your products and solutions, now all you have to do is help them find you. This is where Tailwind comes in! Tailwind is an incredible tool for managing your Pinterest pins! […]

How to Set Up a Workflow and Send an Email with Honeybook A workflow is essentially the series of steps you perform to complete a task, but sometimes in business, we can feel like we are taking the same steps over and over. HoneyBook helps me save time and stay on top of things by […]

My Top 3 Tips to Creating a Successful Podcast with Rachel Nielson I had so much fun interviewing Rachel Nielson from the 3 in 30 Podcast recently. It was hard to stay focused on our topic of creating a successful podcast because we had so much to talk about! I love talking all things business […]

13 Irresistible Reasons I Chose HoneyBook to Manage My Creative Business I absolutely love doing using HoneyBook to manage my creative business. I used to have to use multiple services and platforms to accomplish everything that HoneyBook can do by itself. Now that my business is growing quickly, HoneyBook has become even more vital to […]

How To Choose the Best Email Platform For You How do you know which email platform to choose for your business? Choosing an email provider can feel overwhelming. There are so many out there with different pros and cons. Today I’m going to walk you through how to choose the best email platform for you […]

How to Know Who to Listen to How to know who to listen to when it comes to building your business. This week on my podcast, I’m going to tell you the four questions I want you to ask yourself when you’re presented with a new direction, platform, or strategy to build your business. I […]

Flodesk: How to Set Up Automations Have you heard of Flodesk? It’s my new favorite email service provider for businesses. Why do I love it so much? First of all, it’s easy to use. As a business owner you have enough on your mind, without having to figure out a complicated email automation service. Another […]

Branding Behind the Scenes Do you ever wonder what it’s really like to hire a branding consultant and photographer? I’m going to take you behind the scenes with one of my recent clients. I’ll show you how much fun it is to work with me, and what a qualified branding consultant can offer you and […]

Utilizing TikTok to Grow Your Business Have you jumped on the TikTok bandwagon yet? Have you been wondering what in the world TikTok is? I’ve got Brandon Doyle, the founder of Wallaroo Media with me on the podcast this week. He and I are talking all about the wonderful new world of TikTok, and how […]

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing Email Marketing doesn’t have to be confusing. I’ve compiled this ultimate beginner’s guide to email marketing for you to use as a reference to get started on your own email marketing. By following these simple steps and tips, you’ll be a pro in no time! Read on to […]

  In the middle of last year, we bought a house.  It definitely wasn’t planned, but we felt directed by God, so we bought this house and we absolutely love it.  (If you want to hear the whole story, listen here.  It is miraculous.) Well, you know how long it takes to unpack and get […]

When to Email Your List: A Simple Guide I get asked a lot, when am I supposed to send out emails? You know you’re supposed to build an email list, but it’s hard to know what to do with those names and email addresses. I’ve got a simple guide for you to know when to […]

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