5 Best Business Books to Read in 2020 Reading books is pretty amazing.  I can sit down and read a book in a few hours or a couple of days and gain knowledge that took someone years to gain and then to write.  It is crazy to think about.  I’m always looking for books that […]

Email opt-ins are a great way to grow your email list and fill it with your target audience. I’m going to show you how you can use my 5 steps to create an email opt-in that converts! Step 1- Decide what you are giving away and create your email opt-in What is an email opt-in? […]

  I’m so excited to tell you about my easy content creation formula. Tell me if this sounds like you, do you ever feel like you are creating content for your business with no clear direction? You have the ideas and you have the content, but it’s just not converting into income or helping you […]

5 steps to creating your best business year ever What if I told you it will only take 5 steps to create your best year ever? Would you believe it’s that easy? It is! I’m going to share with you the 5 things I do at the end of the year to help me create […]

8 hour summer work week: How to get your work done and enjoy the summer as a mompreneur Summer is here, my friends.  This is my favorite and the busiest time of the year.  When I lived in Arizona and was just a mom to one, I started a tradition.  My husband was in medical […]

7 ways to start taking your blog seriously and 2 ways that don’t work Blogging is not for the faint of heart, my friend. If you really want blogging to be an important part of your business then you need to take it seriously (but have fun while you’re doing it). When I say take […]

After mentoring hundreds of women, I’d say that this question is up there for one of the most asked. Which website host should I use? Which is better Wix? Squarespace? WordPress? Wix vs Squarespace vs WordPress You know that I am more of a choose your own adventure type of person, so I’m going to […]

What is brand photography? Think of brand photography as the theme for your business and your website. You need the visual elements of your business to be cohesive so that people can recognize your brand and your business. Brand photography creates a visual theme not only for your website but for every visual part of […]

What is Tailwind and How to Use It. Have you started using Pinterest for your business yet? If you have, let me share a tool that I think will help you use Pinterest more effectively. And if you haven’t started using Pinterest yet, then maybe this tool can help get you started! What is Tailwind? […]

Is ConvertKit Better than MailChimp? Now that we know what email marketing is and why you should all be using it, we need to discuss what email marketing platform you should use. Two of the biggest companies out there are ConvertKit and MailChimp. Both platforms have good things to offer, but I think most of […]

One of the hardest parts of starting your own business is staying organized, especially if you work from home and have kids playing in the background while you’re trying to get work done. If you’re struggling to stay organized and on top of your business tasks, then I want you to try Trello. Trello will […]

Everything You Need to Know About ConvertKit If you’re trying to increase the number of subscribers you have, manage the subscribers you already have, or make more money with your website, then you really need to check out ConvertKit. We’ve already talked about email marketing and how to create a ConvertKit account, so now we’re […]

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