You know those people who you just know loves you and has loved you since you were born?  That is my Aunt Donna.  Actually, she is my great-aunt Donna.  She’d give me a hug every week at church and just made me feel special. Aunt Donna is now 97-years-old, with an unmatched wit and endless […]

3 Questions to Ask When Buying a Camera. You have an iPhone and the pictures are good, but you’ve seen your friend’s camera and the pictures they take with their nice camera are great.  You know the one, you can change the lens and it zooms in and out.  You want one, but how do you […]

A Photographers Christmas List Does you husband ever ask you want you want for Christmas?  Mine does.  The trouble is that he wants to surprise me while still getting me something that I need and love.   I have settled on creating a Christmas list and then he can pick and choose what he wants to […]

Hey Friends, Who is ready for some family mini sessions? I know I am. Christmas is coming and you need a picture for your Christmas cards. I only offer family mini sessions once a year. Leave your email or tag a friend! Details: Nov. 12: Downtown sessions Nov. 19: Nature sessions $150 20 minutes 8 […]

How to Dress Your Clients for Family Pictures There I was smiling for the camera, babies in toe.  I knew I was supposed to be smiling, but I couldn’t stop thinking about if my dress looked okay or if I had chosen the right boots.  I was a photographer for crying out loud, so why […]

Hey Friends, 3 Reasons you need a blog? The Great Blog Revival starts today! Lesson 1. So, I know what you are thinking.  You are a creative, not a writer.  You don’t have time to blog and who even knows what to write about.  Well, I am here to tell you that YOU are a […]

Growing up, our Sunday dinners were very home-grown. I grew up on a ranch so our beef roasts came from our cattle, our peas and new potatoes came from my Grandpa Ray’s garden and my mom made homemade rolls. It was all very traditional except for our salad. I love Asian food and always have. […]

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