A Business Girl’s Christmas List Christmas is just around the corner and truth be told, I usually spend my Christmas list items on things for my business.  It’s useful, it makes me happy and it makes me money.  I win all around.  For my Christmas wish list this year, I am giving you my top […]

3 Instagram Mistakes You are Making (You should pin this image to save this article for later) When you start using Instagram for business, things can get pretty confusing and frustrating.  Why can’t I get the followers I want and the interaction I need to get my post seen?  Well, maybe you are making these […]

  How to sign up as a Maskcara Artist A step-by-step guide You’ve researched becoming a Maskcara Artist, now it is time to enroll as a Maskcara Artist.  So how do you actually do it?  Here is a step-by-step guide to signing up as a Maskcara artist. Step 1.  Go to the Maskcara website  Click […]

  How to recruit for Maskcara Artist with Kirsten Tyrrel How to recruit for Maskcara Artists?  I get asked that question A LOT and the answer is, well, I don’t recruit. Like for reals.  I haven’t really recruited anyone, almost my whole team has come to me.  Recruiting isn’t my thing (and it probably shouldn’t […]

If you have followed me at all, you will know that I believe that God should be a part of every part of your life and that includes your business. (I even have a whole Mormon Mompreneur podcast about that.) Every business that I have started has come about because I have felt prompted to […]

Maskcara Blog: Is Becoming an Artist Right for You? I’ll be the first to tell you, I’m a skeptic.  Especially when it comes to MLM’s.  I’ve always been more than a little wary of them, but I’ve also been completely fascinated by them.  They are genius in their marketing and promotion and I just can’t […]

When you Sign Up as a Maskcara Artist: 3 Steps to take You’ve been studying and praying and you finally took the leap to be a Maskcara Artist.  You bought the kit, now what?  If you have a good upline, then you should be getting a welcome email letting you know what’s next.  But, just in […]

Over the summer, I took our kids on our yearly pilgrimage to Utah.   Most of our time was spent in the mountains or out to the field, riding horses, chasing cows and running free. After a month away, it is time for a State of the Experiment. Recap: A few months ago, I joined […]

How to create custom business email address You just started a blog or business or maybe you’ve been in business for a few years and you are ready to stop faking it until you make it and you are ready to look legit.  One of the quickest ways to look professional is to create your […]

Time to Blossom Photo shoot with I am Michelle Gifford Speaking at  Time to Blossom Young Women’s Conference has been my dream for a year.  When I found out about them and their mission to help young women know they are beautiful daughters of God, understand their self-worth, realize their divine mission, and discover their […]

How to Choose the Right Name for Your Business or Blog I remember sitting on the edge of my bed, flip phone in hand and talking to my sister for hours on what I should name my photography business.  I always called my sister for creative advice, so on a topic that was this important, […]

We all use Instagram and it is easy to share our pictures of little Susie taking her first steps, but when we start using Instagram for business, well it all hits the fan.  When this happens, we have to shift our mindset.  No longer are we posting for Grandma, now we have to post content […]

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