Channels By Marco Polo: What it is, and how I use it in my business.

Channels by Marco Polo: What it is, & How I use it

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I love coaching women on how to build their businesses. I’ve had quite a few businesses over the past 13 years, but being a business coach is probably my favorite thing I do. (For more on how I’ve built my businesses while raising 5 kids, check out this post.) I’ve tried a few different ways of coaching women business owners, and there are pros and cons to every system. Currently, I’m using an app called Channels by Marco Polo (find it HERE). If you haven’t heard of it yet, that’s probably because it’s brand new! Here’s what it is and how I use Channels by Marco Polo in my business coaching.

Channels By Marco Polo: What it is, and how I use it in my business.

What is Channels by Marco Polo?

Channels is a new app by Marco Polo that is geared toward businesses and creators who want to offer a membership. I’ve used Marco Polo for years to talk with my family and friends across the globe. It’s a great way to keep in touch with those you love, and I love that I can see their faces while they talk. When I learned about the new app that Marco Polo was launching a few months ago, I knew I had to be a part of it.

Channels by Marco Polo is an innovative way for a business leader or creator to develop a better connection to their ideal audience.

“Channels allows leaders to authentically connect with their audiences at a large scale, efficiently, without the hassle of billing, member management, changing algorithms or high production video requirements.” – Marco Polo

Sounds pretty cool, right? I love that there are so many innovative ways for me to grow my coaching business. I don’t have to solely rely on Facebook or another social media app with an algorithm that is constantly changing. By using Channels for my paid membership group, I am able to focus more on my members rather than on the platform. Channels allows me to grow my membership group without dealing with the headaches of other membership platforms.

Join My Money Makers group hosted on Marco Polo's Channels App!

What makes Channels different?

I’ve tried using a Facebook group in the past for my coaching. While I enjoyed parts of what was available on that platform, I didn’t like that my group members would report that they didn’t get notified about what was happening in the group. With Channels, that is removed. I can record a video message for my group members and they will all be notified! This means that I am not constantly repeating myself in my posts. Everyone’s time is valuable and when you’re growing a business, you need to make sure that you are using your time wisely. By utilizing Channels to coach my Money Makers coaching group, I’m able to save all of us time!

How does Channels by Marco Polo work?

Channels is really easy to use. It allows you to grow a membership site without all of the hassle of building one from scratch. When you create your channel, you are able to start sharing it with your audience so they can sign up to be a part of your Channel. What you charge for your membership is up to you, and Marco Polo has a great FAQ section to answer your questions about how the payments work. Find it HERE.

How I use Channels by Marco Polo for my business:

I use my Channel to stay in contact with the members of my coaching group, Michelle’s Money Makers. (Have you joined us yet? Find out more HERE.) I love that I can record short videos a few times a week for my coaching group members and then they, in return, can record their thoughts and questions. Everyone in the group can watch the videos and learn from each other. I can also record videos directly to certain group members if they have a specific problem they need individual attention on.

Join My Money Makers group hosted on Marco Polo's Channels App!

How has using Channels helped my business?

By switching over to utilizing Channels by Marco Polo for my business coaching membership group, I’m able to create a better relationship with those I coach. I can see their faces and get to know them better. I don’t have to worry about them not receiving a notification or getting distracted by the other groups they are a part of like I did on Facebook. The women in my coaching group are also able to get to know each other better and support each other more. There’s nothing better than women supporting other women in building their businesses!

Channels by Marco Polo has also allowed my coaching group to grow more easily than it has in the past. I’m able to really hone in on what my group members need from me and I can deliver it to them easily on the Channels app. For more on why I love using Channels, check out my interview with them HERE.

Ready to learn more?

To try Channels by Marco Polo for yourself, go HERE to apply. Don’t forget to mention my name, Michelle Gifford. The good people at Marco Polo will help you get started!

Have I convinced you yet? Memberships are an under-utilized facet of many online businesses. If you have a following and want to establish a closer relationship with your audience, a membership can be a great addition to your online business.

To find out if a membership is right for your business, check out this free webinar I created- HERE.

Join My Money Makers group hosted on Marco Polo's Channels App!

How I use Channels by Marco Polo to run my membership group.
How a new app helped me grow my coaching group.
How I use a new app to grow my membership group.
The app that has changed my membership group for the better! Have you heard of Channels by Marco Polo?

  1. Cheryl says:

    Okay Michelle you convinced me! I’m going to start a Coaching group via channels. Working on figuring the content now. So excited!

  2. Neka says:

    I have a group of over 540 women I started a VIP MEMBERSHIP in Oct. I’m now going to add this medium land get more members to sign up for coaching

  3. Egypt says:

    Thanks for this insight. It’s something I’m sure to look into. As a slow-living coach. I want to avoid all the noise and busyness of traditional social media. Super glad I found your article online. Thanks for sharing, and I’ll take a look at your channel now.

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