Content Creation Ideas for June. Plus 12 Trending Pinterest topics!

Content Creation Series: What to Post in June

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We are nearing the official start of summer! As you look forward to the new month and season, it’s a great time to plan out your content. There’s no better feeling than knowing you have your content planned out before the new month begins! To help you, I’ve taken some of the hard work out of your planning. Here are my recommendations for what to post in June. And make sure you keep reading, because I’m also sharing some trending topics on Pinterest!

Content Creation Ideas for June. Plus 12 Trending Pinterest topics!

What to post in June

I hope this list helps you plan out what to post in June. Any of these topics can be adjusted for your specific niche and audience. If you have a baking business, share your favorite summer baking tips or recipes. If your focus is on fitness, share what workout clothes you’re loving lately. Or, if you love donuts, make sure to share about National Donut Day (the first Friday in June)!

Now that you know what to post in June, think about how you can use these topics on your different online channels. Remember, the key is to re-use your content over multiple platforms. If you post about National Donut Day on Instagram, then maybe you can share your favorite donut recipe on your website. This way you are taking one topic and using it in multiple ways. By doing this, you are saving yourself time and energy!

Pinterest Trends for June

Now that you know what to post in June on your website and social media channels, it’s time to think about your Pinterest strategy. June is a great month to get your Pinterest strategy up and running! If you’re struggling to know what to pin, or what to focus your pinning strategy on, here are some prompts. (If you’re not following me on Pinterest, you totally should!)

Now that you know the general trends, let’s break this list down so you can see how to make these Pinterest trend ideas work for you in your business! The secret? Remember who your audience is!

If you are a single woman who is dreaming of planning a wedding, then it makes sense to pin images of wedding dresses, wedding venues, wedding bouquets, etc. However, if you are already married and have a few children, these same pins won’t speak to your ideal audience and won’t resonate with them. Instead, you should be pinning things like:

  • wedding guest attire
  • wedding gift ideas
  • how to throw a bridal shower

You get the idea, now, right? When you know who you are speaking to, you can make any general pinning trend work for your benefit on Pinterest! *Don’t forget to take a look at your analytics to best determine who your Pinterest audience is and what they are looking for on Pinterest.

Bonus Pinterest Tip

I’ve got one more bonus Pinterest tip for you today, that will help you as you create your pins. If you’re used to using your entire blog title on your pin, try this instead:

Condense the message of your pin/blog post down to 2-3 words if possible.

The old pin style with long post titles aren’t as popular now in Pinterest’s algorithm. So, when creating pins, think of a few words that best convey the message of your post and use those as your main headline on your pin.

Now that I’ve given you a few ideas for what to post in June, you need to get to work! I love to take the last week of each month to plan out my content for the month ahead.

Here’s a post all about my content planning method

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10 Topic Ideas for June. Plus 12 trending Pinterest topics!
Pinterest trends for June, plus what to post about!
12 pin trends for June. Plus what to post about.

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