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Feeling lost,
Don't know where to start,
Afraid of doing it wrong,
Struggling to know what to write about?

When creating a content plan are you:

I can help!

The 5 Day Content Challenge will change the way you create content.
In this course you will:

Do you:

Get overwhelmed when it comes to creating a content plan for a whole year?

Feel like planning that far ahead is too hard and confusing?

Wonder if you're just wasting time trying to plan out your whole year when you can't seem to plan out a month?

I feel ya, sister.
It doesn't have to be this way

Are you ready to:

See how the pros create a yearly content plan?

Step away from confusion and stress over your content? 

attract your ideal customer through your content?

Wake up each morning knowing what you will be talking about on social media and your website?

Learn how to plan out your content the right way?

I'm going to show you the exact process that I have used to transform my business and the businesses of my top clients!

I'm a brand strategist, business coach, and content queen, and stay at home mom to five. Over the past 15 years, I've built 5 successful businesses and now I get to help others do the same.

I've helped hundreds of women take their businesses to the next level. Whether that was a mom ready to launch her business or an Influencer ready to launch her course, I'm here for it.
I have been teaching business owners how to create content plans the right way for years. Now, my agency uses my proven system to create blog content & increase revenues for top Influencers and bloggers. 

I want to help you have a business that is set up for long term success.

You don't have time to waste. I can't wait to show you how easy it is to create a year's content plan the right way so you can make money while you sleep.

You can do it!  It is easier than you think.


I'm Michelle Gifford.

Hey You!


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Sweet Nothings & Soft Kisses


Do you want your business to grow steadily? 

are you tired of always feeling like you are flying by the seat of your pants?

You need a content plan.

Listen, You can stay stuck feeling:

-Exhausted from continually creating content at the last minute.
-Frustrated that you don't have a good content plan in place.
-Overwhelmed with how much content you need to create every day/Week.

Or you can:

-rest easy knowing that you have your content planned out ahead of time. 
-Learn how easy it is to create a year's content plan.
-Be confident that your content is attracting your ideal customer and growing your business.

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