Planning your content should be:


And fun

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Want to plan but don't know how to organize it
Want to be consistent and have everything in one place
Want a strategy, Tired of flying by the seat of your pants

These are for you if:


Quarterly, monthly and content calendars

Predated for 2021
Ready to fill out

Easy to customize
and training to help you plan

These sheets are designed to keep you organized.  Use the color coding to really get organized.  

Look at you!

Girl, we got you ready to schedule all the way through 2021 (because we are okay with seeing 2020 go).

We got you!

I'd never let you go at this alone.  I've got training just for you to set you up for success.

Watch out for you!

"You made my digital planning heart happy!"

"You just might be a literal angel with these sheets."

"These changed how I do business."

What they are saying:

Hey You!

I'm Michelle Gifford

Business strategist and Content queen

I help creative businesses create content that makes them more money.  And, it all starts with a plan. I made these sheets to help me run my business and now I use them with my clients and coaching group.

They are business changing.

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Don't waste one more minute! Your time is valuable and these sheets are super effective at making your minutes count.

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