four things to do to run a long lasting business.

Does your Business Pass the Instagram Death Test?

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Does your Business Pass the Instagram Death Test?


Find out the four things your need to build a long lasting business.


Did you notice Instagram died for a minute last Friday? Yes, it got resuscitated, but it got me thinking…would your business pass the Instagram death test?

Instagram is usually the first place people find or get to know entrepreneurs. While it’s a great start as a meeting place, it shouldn’t end there. 

Would your business survive if Instagram died?



Let’s pretend something happened to Instagram where you no longer have it to depend on for your business. Would you still make money? Would you still have a way to communicate with your followers? What about a way to find and meet new customers?

Instagram should not be your business strategy, it should be a part of your strategy. If you see your business lasting longer than a year, it’s time to start treating it differently. Are you ready to make your business bigger than Instagram and ultimately pass the Instagram death test?


Building a Business that Lasts

About a year ago, I was talking to a client who told me she was just flat out exhausted from Instagram. It kept changing and she felt like she had to show up day in and day out in order to make money. She was stuck and she didn’t know how to get out. 

I’m going to help you just how I helped her. 


The first place to start is a website. Create your own if you're serious about building your business.


I’m releasing my Built to Last Business Bundle on Wednesday, March 24th! I am beyond excited! Because this is for you, sister. No one can do your business quite like you. We need you in the world, changing it for the better through what your business provides! 

Before I go any further about this amazing bundle, I want to talk about the four things you need to have a successful business. However, I will say, my bundle is what will help you carry out these four things you need to build a business that lasts. 

The four things you need are a website, blog, email list, and content strategy. These are the four pillars I base my business on and I’ve seen incredible growth in my followers AND my revenue by focusing on these things. 

1- Website

I want you to picture what your business looks like five years from now. If you see it still alive and thriving, it’s time to act like it. Owning your business starts with a website. 

Your website should be well designed where it attracts your target audience. I use Showit to design my website and it is the most magical thing! It makes it so easy for you to design your website and it connects to WordPress so seamlessly. Check out my blog post here to learn more about the benefits of using Showit. 

I use WordPress for my actual website content because it is the best software out there for websites. It’s the number one software that will help you show up in Google searches and Pinterest–the two biggest search engines. 

In my Built to Last Bundle, I’m giving you Showit templates for your website. It’s so easy, that all you will have to do is drag and drop it into your website and change up a few things to make it yours. 

2- Blog

No matter what your core piece of content is (podcast, YouTube video, etc.) there’s no way people will be able to find it as easily than if you were to put it on your blog. My core piece of content is my podcast and I blog every single episode, so it can be easily found. 

Your blog is what is pulled up in those Google and Pinterest searches–if you’re blogging the right way. Yes, there is a right way to blog, and if you aren’t doing it the right way you are wasting your time. 

In my Built to Last Bundle, I’m releasing my blogging course, which will show you how to blog the right way. This will help you show up closer to the top of the searches and have more people visit your site. 


Find out the four things you need to build a long lasting business.

3- Email List

An email list is how you communicate with your followers and customers, even when you don’t have social media available. Remember when Instagram went down? This can happen again. Your email list is a sure way you can still be there for your followers, even when your normal methods of contact are unavailable. 

Also, it’s nice to own the ability to contact them. If you contact through Instagram, it’s really Instagram that owns your handles and conversations. Through an email list, you are the one owning the convos ever since your customer gave you their email and permission to send them your content. 

In my Built to Last Bundle, I’m giving you a 14-day email list challenge where I show you how to set up your email from start to finish in 14 days. 

4- Content Strategy

Do you have a content strategy where you are building your business? What about building your customer loyalty beyond what Instagram provides? 

You must know why you are posting what you are–your content should lead to sales. If you’re posting content just for the sake of it, you are missing opportunities for more sales and customer relationships. You must have that strategy in place, so your content makes sense and helps you reach your business goals. 

To help with this, I am including my Core Content Code in my Built to Last Business Bundle, where I help you plan out your content and teach you how to stretch your core piece of content throughout all of your platforms. 


Get my bundle if you're ready to own your business and can see it thriving five years from now.


My Built to Last Business Bundle launches on Wednesday, March 24th!  I’m sharing with you what I use and what my clients use to make a long-lasting successful business. And, it’s for a fraction of the price! Seriously, you are SAVING over $1000 in this bundle. 

AND, if you use the code “Michelle 100” you will get $100 off!! This is a big deal. I want you to feel like you can afford doing this business. I’m here for you and want to help you build that business that will last. 

For a recap, the bundle includes:

  • Website templates
  • Blogging course
  • 14-day email list challenge
  • Pinterest course
  • Core Content Code

The price for this goes up on March 31st, so buy now!! If you are really ready to own your business, this deal is for you.  

I’m going live on Instagram on March 24th at 11 a.m. Pacific Time. Come join me @iammichellegifford and celebrate!! This is such an amazing opportunity for you to grow your business (and pass the Instagram death test). I really want you to grow a business that will last.

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