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Friday Faves Week 2 with I am Michelle Gifford

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Michelle's Friday Faves with I am Michelle Gifford



Maskcara face palettes with I am Michelle Gifford Friday faves

1. Maskcara face pallette

There are two things I like in my makeup: 1.  Make me look and feel pretty.  2.  Make that all happen fast.

My mom always told me that the first thing that you do when you get up in the morning is get ready for the day.  It is easier to face a crazy toddler when you feel a little put together.  So, that is what I do: get up and get my makeup on and hair done.  Well, I discovered Maskcara make up which makes putting on make up really fast and beautiful.

And here is me putting on my 5 minute face.  And at least make it half way through.  My Little Miss makes a cameo.

Maskcara HAC Brush and Compact with I am Michelle Gifford Friday Faves

2.  HAC Brush

Maskcara Beauty HAC brush I am Michelle Gifford Friday Faves

One of the reasons putting on my makeup goes quickly is because of this HAC brush.  HAC stands for Highlighting And Contouring.  Now, I like a good contour because my cheek bones could use a little lift, but it can quickly go wrong.  That’s why I love this brush and the makeup because I can do the contouring without looking like a Kardashian (and that is also important to me).

3.  Stop Motion App

Stop Motion App by I am Michelle Gifford Friday Faves

I’ve been trying to do more fun things with my kids and they are loving creating stop motion videos with this app.  Making them is super easy.  I do recommend having a tripod for your phone or at least propping your phone up on something so that you can keep it in the same place while you move the objects.  We made a cookie video (which you can check out on my Instagram feed) and some makeup tutorials with it that you can see here:


I loved the makeup so much, I bought it all and became a Pro Artist, which basically means I have all. the. things.  If you need help choosing a color, I’m your gal.  Send me a message Michelle@iammichellegifford.com.


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    Love love love! Great videos!!

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