how to finally get the instagram algorithm on your side.

How to Finally Get the Instagram Algorithm on Your Side

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How to Finally Get the Instagram Algorithm on Your Side

Are you frustrated with the Instagram algorithm? Are you ready to give up on it? You might even be convinced the algorithm is out to get you. The truth is, the Instagram algorithm is tricky but you can learn how to work with it and dare I say have it work FOR you. Here’s how to finally get the Instagram algorithm on your side. 



I cracked the code to the Instagram algorithm when I learned how to use it to help me grow my account faster than ever before. (I grew over 100k followers in 10 months.) And I’m spilling all my secrets because I want you to have success too. You work so hard to grow and run your business, and you deserve all the help you can get. 

The algorithm’s main goal is to play matchmaker. It’s trying to figure out which content to put in front of which user. It uses all sorts of clues to make this happen. As a content creator, you can actually provide the majority of these clues and have the algorithm work in your favor to put your content in front of more people who would love your account. 


learn how to make the instagram algorithm work for you.


The 4 Algorithms of Instagram

  • Instagram Algorithm #1: Stories

Basics: This algorithm makes it so your stories content is only available to the people who follow you.

  • Instagram Algorithm #2: Explore Page

Basics: The explore page algorithm is filled with content from mostly people you do not follow. This is a place where Instagram wants to introduce you to new people.

  • Instagram Algorithm #3: Feed

Basics: Your feed will be filled with mostly content from people you follow and the algorithm sprinkles in some other content from people you do not follow, but would want to.

  • Instagram Algorithm #4: Reels

Basics: The reels algorithm is the best tool for content creators because it puts your reel in front of people who do not follow you. This is why creating reels consistently is one of the best ways you can grow your Instagram following.

One thing the algorithm is trying to pinpoint is what the users are interested in. Since this is the case, as content creators, we need to get really good at knowing what our audience wants and encourage them to engage with your content. This could look like them leaving a comment, tagging you in a post, watching your videos until the end, etc. 

These are the types of clues the Instagram algorithm is looking for to help it know which users like your content and what potential users would like it as well. 


how to finally get the instagram algorithm on your side.


How to Finally Get the Instagram Algorithm on Your Side


Instagram Algorithm Strategy #1: Niche down.

If you’re talking about several different niches in your Instagram content, it’s really confusing to the algorithm to know what type of creator you are. It won’t be able to know what kind of content you are going to create, so it won’t know who to put your content in front of.

If you niche down to only talking about ONE thing, the algorithm will get so much better at putting your content in front of not just more people, but more people who would actually want to follow you. 

I recommend choosing just one piece of your business and talk about that one thing in your content. If there are other aspects of your business you don’t want to leave out, put that content in your stories. Since the stories algorithm is different, this is the perfect place to put it. 

This is the exact strategy I used right at the beginning of my incredible growth rate on Instagram. I cover lots of different topics in my business and I was talking about all of it, but then I niched down to only talking about Instagram and my following exploded. When I got super specific about my content, I was telling the algorithm who to put my content in front of and it definitely paid off. 


Instagram Algorithm Strategy #2: Create consistent content.

I actually had a phone call with Instagram a little bit ago and one of the biggest things they said content creators can do to grow their account is to create consistent content. If you’re only posting once a week that’s not a lot of data points for the algorithm to use and determine what type of creator you are. The more you post, the better the algorithm will know what you create and the faster you will grow. 

If creating consistent content has always been a struggle for you, I recommend nailing down a content schedule. When you plan out what to create, it’ll clear up a lot of decision fatigue and you’ll be able to get more done. 

If you want help with creating your content schedule, check out my Insta Social Society. It’s my new product you can subscribe to where I give you monthly content plans, trending reels/reels audio, Canva templates, and master classes. It’s an amazing deal that will change the way you show up on Instagram. You can learn more about the Insta Social Society HERE!


Instagram Algorithm Strategy #3: Learn about & use Instagram SEO.

Instagram is a search engine just like Pinterest, Google, or TikTok. It’s a huge search engine, so let’s start using it like it is. The easiest way to do this is to use keywords in all of your content. Use it in your carousel posts, in your captions, your reels, your name & bio. Using keywords (the words people would search for to find your type of content) will help people find you easier when they are physically searching for it. 


6 things to do finally get the instagram algorithm on your side.


Instagram Algorithm Strategy #4: Create reels. 

You don’t have to dance to create reels–but you need to create them. Again, the reels algorithm works largely in your favor because it is intentionally putting your content in front of people who don’t follow you (but would want to). 

Reels is one of the best and fastest ways to grow your Instagram. I have several tips and tricks to creating solid reels that you can check out HERE to give you some ideas to get started or improve your reels strategy! 


Instagram Algorithm Strategy #5: Follow the Instagram growth formula. 

What you may not realize is that you are in a relationship with your followers. Some just met you, some have been following you but are still gaining your trust, and others are solid followers for years and may even be considered raving fans. 

So, how do you create content for these three different types of followers? You do it with the Instagram Growth Formula: attract, nurture, sell. 

I recommend making 50 percent of your content creation specifically for attracting new people. This will help you to continue to grow your following. This type of content is mainly reels and carousel posts that cover topics that would specifically attract new people. 

Next, make 30 percent of your remaining content for nurturing the followers you already have. This is where you spend time connecting with your people through replying to comments and sharing content you know they would love. Feel free to be a little bit more personal here. 

Lastly, the remaining 20 percent will cover your sell content. This is where you are exclusively trying to sell your products (whether it be physical, digital, or influence) to your audience. The best place to sell is in your stories. Those who love you and trust you the most will watch your stories, so it’s the perfect place to sell to the people who would most likely buy from you. 


Instagram Algorithm Strategy #6: Keep posting!

Just keep posting. I can’t tell you how many times people have come to me and say they’ve been posting for two weeks and haven’t seen any results. It’s not going to happen that fast. It takes time, so just keep posting. Look back at your analytics as you go and notice what content is getting more traction than others and post more of that. 

If you want some extra help getting started with switching up your Instagram strategy, my team can audit your Instagram for you. We will look at your content and your profile and give you recommendations on what to change going forward. Check out how to set up your audit with us HERE!


I cracked the instagram algorithm code.


How to Finally Get the Instagram Algorithm on Your Side

Friend, you can totally do this. You can create the Instagram account that works for you and your business. Things will feel unsure as you start to switch things up, but you will find a flow and the more you create and post, the better you will get. And when you improve your Instagram account, your business will be ready for all of those new followers. 

When the followers show up, I want you to have great content, a content system you can keep up with, and sure-fire ways to sell to your people. Going in strategically is how you will get there and it’s how to finally get the Instagram algorithm on your side! Remember, you don’t have to do this alone. Follow me on Instagram @iammichellegifford and send me a DM! I’d love to chat. 


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