How to Get Started With Ontraport

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How to Get Started with Ontraport

Get Started with Ontraport-6 Basic Steps to get Started

If you’ve been doing online business for a smidge, you know there are several programs and apps out there to help you manage everything from contact lists to emails and invoices. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have all the tools you need for your business in just one application? Genius! Enter Ontraport—the app that promises to be all that, and a bag of chips for your business! Let me show you how to get started with Ontraport in six easy steps.

Step One: Create Your Ontraport Landing Page

Show off your brand, and what your company offers right where your customers will see it first. A landing page is not the same thing as your website. This is a page where you can give customers targeted information about your product and encourage them to use your services. Ontraport makes it so simple to design what you want with an easy drag-and-drop template tool that is totally customizable. Your brand, your design, your products, for your customers!

Get Started with Ontraport- Create a Landing Page


Step Two: Add a Form to Gather Visitor Info

Right off the bat, we want to start collecting contact information from visitors. Adding a form to your landing page gives visitors the ability to opt-in to future marketing. You can capture names, email addresses, and whatever else your business needs to stay in contact with clients. Again, setting up your form utilizes the easy drag-and-drop design features of Ontraport. In a matter of just a few clicks, you’re all set to build your contact base! There’s even a security feature to minimize spam submissions.

Get Started with Ontraport- Add opt-in form


Step Three: Segment Your Ontraport Contacts

With the contact info that you have gathered with your handy dandy form, we will start segmenting your contacts. Segmenting lets you customize your follow-ups to target specific characteristics of your client base. For example, you can create a segment of contacts who reside in the United States, or in a specific state. This feature is what makes your emails and texts feel personal.

Get Started with Ontraport-Segment New Contacts


Step Four: Import Other Contact Lists & Segment

Odds are, you already have contact lists from other software programs. No problem! Ontraport invites you to go ahead and import them. This is fabulous as now you’ll have all of your contacts in one location. Once you’ve got them imported, begin segmenting those contacts as well!

Get Started with Ontraport- Segment Contact Lists


Step Five: Create a Follow-up Email

With your landing page and opt-in form all set, now it’s time to create a follow-up email for your visitors. Provide them with a special offer, or some valuable content—whatever your audience would appreciate—as a thank you gift for signing up.

Get Started with Ontraport-Create a Follow Up Email


Step Six: Build an Ontraport Campaign Map

You’ve got everything in place now! This last step brings it all together. When you put everything together in a campaign map, Ontraport can automate the process and do the work for you! As new visitors submit a form on your landing page, Ontraport automatically collects contact info, and sends them the awesome follow-up email you created.

Get Started with Ontraport- Automate work


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Get Started with Ontraport-One app for Managing Online Business
Get Started with Ontraport

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