How to sell Maskcara while you sleep

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How to sell Maskcara while you sleep. How to automate your Maskcara business with

How to sell Maskcara while you sleep

There have been a few changes in the Maskcara company in the last few months.  Artist sign-ups were closed temporarily (they are now open, message me to join our team;) and the corporate website was completely overhauled.  This overhaul was needed and necessary, but it did bring a few… hiccups.  That along with a crazy winter full of sickness and the regular slow season for small businesses left a lot of artists struggling for sales.

You can also listen to all of the details and my happy voice on the podcast.  Check it out here:

Would you hate me if I tell you that despite all of that, our sales went up?

Would you hate me if I told you our sales went up? Well, they did and I’d love to show you how we managed to do it.  Before I jump into that, I must advise that this is not a get rich quick method.  Our method works because we (my biz partner sister-in-law, JoEllen) have been putting in consistent effort for the last year.  So, this method is for those who really want to make a long-lasting business out of this.

If that is you, welcome and let’s get to work.

How to sell Maskcara while you sleep. How to automate your Maskcara business with

Step 1.  Website

We created a website where we create consistent content directed at our ideal customers.  We carefully craft each blog post so that when our target audience is searching for our content, they will find us.  Then we make sure that it is Pinterest and SEO ready.  (If you want to see our method, you can check out my blogging course here)

Step 2. Create an opt-in

Almost all of our sales come from people taking our color match quiz.  This quiz asks our customers a few key questions that help us determine which highlight, contour and cheek color to recommend.  When we first started, we used a one page quiz that people could take, keep track of their answers and then find their colors.  You can also use Google Forms which is a free way to do it.

In January, we started using an interactive quiz system called Interact.  This is a much more precise way for us to predict which colors our customers need.  Because of this, we are able to automate each of the responses. Interact connects with our email system (Ontraport)  and we are able to send emails based on their answers.  To get their correct colors, a customer has to put in their email address and then an email with their custom colors is sent directly to them.  This is a game changer.  Interact does cost money (minimum of $17/month) but for us it has been completely worth it.

Step 3. Follow up sequence

Once someone puts their email in, it doesn’t stop there.  We have set up an email sequence that helps take this cold market contact and helps them become a part of our warm market.  We do this by addressing some of their concerns about Maskcara and then asking them to send a selfie allows us to make sure that their colors are correct.

Step 4. Consistent content

The only way this whole email marketing system is working is because JoEllen is a rockstar at creating amazing content.  If you want to show up on Pinterest and Google, then you have to put in the time and effort.  Creating content gets people to our site and once they are there, they take our color match quiz and are well on their way to becoming our customers.

The beauty of this system

  • This is completely automated.  If someone takes our quiz, they get emails from us leading them to purchasing.
  • Those who are finding us are finding us because they are looking to buy Maskcara.  This is huge!  Our ideal client is finding us, we are not searching for them.
  • We still get to personally help those who need it and color match with their selfies.
  • It allows us to live our lives.  JoEllen is traveling the world for the next six months and I have been speaking and traveling and dealing with sick kids.  It really hasn’t been a great few months for pushing our business, but despite that, we have continued to grow.

Show Notes:

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Quick links:

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(yes, those are affiliate links)

I’m excited to watch your business grow!  And since spring has sprung, I’m vowing to be more consistent at creating content to help you grow your business too.

How to sell Maskcara while you sleep. How to automate your Maskcara business with
How to sell Maskcara while you sleep. How to automate your Maskcara business. How to build your Maskcara business online with
How to sell Maskcara while you sleep. How to sell Maskcara online. How to automate your Maskcara business with
How to sell Maskcara while you sleep. My secrets to selling Maskcara online. How to automate your Maskcara business with

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