Business + Makeup = Maskcara Dreamteam
Want to join my Maskcara team?  Here's what you get.

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If you are ready to easily and quickly grow your business, you are in the right place.  I've got tutorials and courses that will help you build your online business the right way.

First off, Maskcara Beauty is a company that sells life changing makeup, and we mean it! Not only is Maskcara’s makeup streamline and minimal, but their IIID foundation makes a woman’s face come to life and helps enhance her beautiful features. The highlight and contouring process sounds scary, but is an easy process in brightening a woman’s face. Along with the IIID foundation line, Maskcara also sells eyeshadows, skin care, brushes, and tools.

A Maskcara Artist is someone who sells Maskcara Beauty products. But that’s not all. She connects with women to make them look and feel beautiful. She can choose to work solely from home and run an online business. She can choose to host parties and connect in person with groups of women. She can choose to run her Maskcara business however she feels best suits her lifestyle and talents. The most important thing is that she does it her way and embraces her skills so she can share them with others.

But, don’t fret if you’ve never done anyone’s makeup before! The HAC (highlight and contour) process is so simple to do. With practice, you can easily pick up the skill and teach other women how to do it too! Being a Maskcara Artist allows you to use your creativity and do it your way.


If you want to become a Maskcara Artist, you can sign up under anyone you want. But why should you choose to join our team??? Oh boy! Why not?! We have teamed up to make a dynamite duo! Michelle is your business guru with over 10 years of business experience and JoEllen is your beauty gal with her esthetician training in skincare and makeup. We love to train the members on our team to build a business and brand around their strengths and talents. You are not one dimensional and neither is your business!

We offer priceless training to our team on all the things that will have build a successful business:

  • Photography Course
  • How to Build a Blog
  • Social Media Training
  • Business & Beauty Mentoring
  • Email Marketing Training
  • How to Create Your Brand
  • Pinterest Training
  • Beauty Coaching

Our system is working!

We were just named top 35 recruiter
and top 55 in sales

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