Making a brand change with

Making A Brand Change


Making a brand change with

Making a Brand Change from The Modern MLM to The Michelle Gifford Podcast

This week on episode 20 of the podcast I made a big announcement, well big for me, but it won’t affect you too much. The announcement is that I will be condensing The Modern MLM podcast down into The Michelle Gifford podcast.

Why the brand change?

The secret is that while I’ve been focusing on teaching MLMs how to run their businesses, I’ve really been teaching them real, solid business principles.  I’m just smooshing The Modern MLM into my current brand so that I can serve my people better. If you remember how we talked about knowing where your audience is and serving them there? That is what I am doing. 

What will the new podcast look like?

I’ll still be coming at you with business podcasts, but I’ll be adding interviews from business leaders. I will be able to focus even more energy into this one outlet rather than doing both, which I think will be really beneficial.
Making a brand change with

What is my why behind this brand?

Growing a business has brought me so much happiness, freedom, friendship, community.  I love being able to raise my babies and make an impact in other ways too.  I want to help other women and moms have the skills they need to build their business the way they want.
Whether that is an MLM, a blog, an Etsy shop or a brick-and-mortar business I would love to help you achieve your business goals. I’d love to hear what your business is and what your business goals are!
If you want to listen to the entire podcast episode jump over here.
Instagram Tune-up challenge with

Instagram Tune-up Challenge

Coming up this week I also have some really exciting news! I will be running an “Instagram Tune-up Challenge” and would love to have everyone join me. Cllick here to join me!



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