My Simple Formula to Make Good Decisions During a Crisis

Making Good Decisions During a Crisis ep.66

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Making Good Decisions During a Crisis

Before we get started with my formula for how to make good decisions during a crisis, I want to tell you about my new coaching group, Michelle’s Money Makers. I’ve even got a code for you, michelleg, for $10 off, making it only $19.99/mo.

I am so excited for this group coaching. I almost put it off after all of this craziness started happening. But after talking to so many of you who are struggling and want so badly to grow your business and help your family,  I just felt compelled to do it now and not put it off. I want to help you. Your business matters. You matter, and you showing up in your business matters like never before.

I’ve also seen people who should have been doing their business differently so they were prepared for this kind of thing. They weren’t online, they didn’t have systems ready, and now they are scrambling. I want to help you all to be prepared and to have those systems in place so that you can continue to grow no matter what. That’s what a big part of my new coaching group will be focused on. 

My Simple Formula to Make Good Decisions During a Crisis

Ok, now it’s time to get to work. I want you to get some paper. Here’s our formula we are working through today.

Formula For Making Good Decisions During a Crisis

Problem + Weighed Outcome + Decision + Why = A Smart Choice

Now, notice I said ‘Smart Choice’ instead of ‘Right Choice’? 

There are a lot of right choices in business and there are a lot of wrong choices in business.

I think we get really caught up in making the “right choice”. We think there’s only one way to succeed. There are many ways to succeed. And there are many things that we can do to make our business successful. I don’t want you to get stuck thinking there’s only one right choice to make in your business.

We want to make sure that the choices we are making right now, we can look back on in 6 months or a year and we can say, “I know why I made that choice and it was the right choice for that time.”  This formula will help with that.

Now, I got part of this program from Todd Herman, who is awesome and amazing and brilliant. But, I added to it for you.  SO going back to our equation–

Problem + Weighed Outcome + Decision + Why = A Smart Choice

Let’s start with the problem.

We need to clearly define the problem we need to solve. A lot of times, especially when disaster or chaos is happening, we feel really stuck. We have all fo these questions and we have all of these concerns and we don’t know how to move forward past the amount of questions we have all of a sudden. What’s happened is that we aren’t slowing down and thinking through what decisions we have to make. 

If you have a big decision to make like, “Are you going to let employees go?” That’s a really big decision, right? It’s a huge decision. Now, make a list of all of the decisions you are needing to make right now. In the midst of a crisis.

Here are a few decisions you may need to make during this crisis.

  • Do we need to discount our products?
  • Do we need to start selling online? (Yes, is the answer to that. Always, yes.)
  • Do we launch our course? 
  • Do we close our doors?
  • Etc.

Make the list. Write it down. You’re going to find that once you make that list and put them down, that they lose a little bit of the angst and stress. You realize the decisions aren’t as scary as they were before. 

There’s a saying that goes, “A problem well stated is half solved.” And I believe that, so much. If we just stop and think about what the actual problem is that we are solving, then we will be able to solve it. 

Weighing the Outcome

Now that you have your list of decisions, the next step is to weigh the outcome. 

I want you to write Will | Won’t and under that put Do | Don’t. Like a chart.

Now, I want you think about the decisions from earlier. I want you to list out what will happen if you do launch your course and what won’t happen. I want you to make a list and say to yourself, “If I don’t launch my course (or whatever  you’re deciding on), what will happen and what won’t happen?” 

By doing this, it will help you to step back and make your decisions based on knowledge and facts rather than emotions. So if you’re thinking about launching a course, think about what will happen if you do that right now. Will you get less sales? Also, if you launch a course, you won’t be creating content that serves your audience right now. Do you see how this works?

Make that list of the things that will/won’t and do/don’t for each item on your list you made earlier.
This is how you get your weighed outcomes. This removes some of the emotions from the equation and helps you think more clearly.

Making Good Decisions During A Crisis

After we fill out our little chart, then we are going to look at it and we will make the decision. So the decision we make we are going to write it out. Literally write it out. I am going to launch my course, and next to that I want you to write why. Why are you going to launch your course? Verbalize the reasons why this is really a good decision. Why are you doing that? Because in 6 months you are going to look back and you will want to remember why you made that choice. This way you’ll have it recorded.  You’ll see that you thought it out, that you weighed the outcomes and you decided based on knowledge. That becomes your smart choice. 

I want you to think about this. When you’re bogged down by stress and uncertainty, stop and think about all of the decisions you’d need to make to move forward. Write them down. 

How I’ve Used This Formula For My Business

When I was thinking about doing this group coaching program, it was a big decision. I was thinking about it for a long time and then this all happened and it was crazy. But i started feeling that you all needed this. So I thought about it, what will happen? I will have people sign up I won’t be making other kinds of content right now. I will be pushing this course and I won’t be giving away as much free content. 

If I don’t do it what will happen? I will spend my time creating free content. I won’t be helping in the best way that I could. I won’t be helping people through this. That was a big thing for me. People need coaching right now to get them through this.

What did I decide?

So what was my decision? My decision was that I’m going to launch my group coaching. And why am I going to do it? Because I feel like people need it now more than ever. And that’s when your smart decisions become things that you can do, that you can figure out. You’re not wasting time anymore. You can move past it and move forward. This is really important to me as we go through this. As you are all trying to navigate this crazy time and figure out how to move through this. And you’re wondering if you’ll survive this time. The answer is, of course, yes. 

I hope this has helped you to see how a simple formula can help you to make good decisions during a crisis. It’s ok to feel overwhelmed and stuck. But, you can do this. You can weather this storm and come out on top. Now, get some paper and make your charts so you can make those decisions you need to make!

Michelle’s Money Makers

Don’t forget about my new coaching group, Michelle’s Money Makers. We are starting up soon, and I want you to join us! I’m so excited about the new platform we will be using and how this information will benefit all of you and your businesses. Now is the time to get your systems and methods solidly in place so you can be ready for anything. I know you feel called to build your business, now let me help you make some money!

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The Simple Formula to Make Good Decisions During a Crisis.
How I Make Decisions During a Crisis. Podcast Ep. 66
Making Good Decisions During a Crisis. My simple formula for moving forward and not getting stuck.

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