Maskcara Artist Review with I am Michelle Gifford what its like to be a maskcara artist

Maskcara Artist Review Month 1

When I started this experiment, I will be the first to admit that I was being a little selfish.  I’ve been in this online business space for more than ten years and I wanted to figure out if the business principles I learned would work.  Did you notice all the “I’s” in there?  I was making it all about me and my experiment. (You can check out the original Maskcara experiment post here,  and my follow up Maskcara Artist Review here.  

Well, I’ve changed my mind.  

Let me introduce you to Leslie.

Maskcara artist review I am Michelle Gifford Leslies Loves Blog


 Leslie signed up under me a few weeks ago.  When she first emailed me asking about joining my team, I immediately knew she was my kind of girl.  She was ready to build a business, not just sell makeup.  Within 24 hours of signing up, she had a blog and new Instagram account up and running.  We chat back and forth on Voxer and one of my favorite messages was a short video showing me that she had gotten her blog post completely SEO ready.  

In her first month, Leslie has reached Elite-HACer (which means she has sold $800 worth of product).  To achieve that in her first month is mind blowing.  So proud and honored to have her on my team.


Let me introduce you to JoEllen.

Maskcara artist review with i am Michelle Gifford and I am Joellen woods

 JoEllen is my amazing sister-in-law.  When I first signed up for Maskcara, I tried to create all of the tutorials and videos myself.  Turned out, I’m not great at it.  JoEllen is a licensed esthetician and a model living in New Zealand.  She couldn’t sign up as an artist herself, so we joined forces.  She creates content and I do the business side.  We are a match made in heaven for sure.  We each get to do what we love.

I have seen amazing things happen in the last month.  She has taken my training as well and now is rocking it at SEO, blogging and photography.  

Let me introduce you to my Maskcara girls.

I have been able to meet a lot of women who have joined Maskcara.  They are hard working and sincere.  I have loved being able to help coach them and teach them how to grow their business.  

They are why things have changed.

My experiment is now a lot less about me and a whole lot more about how I can help these girls achieve their goals.  

If you want to join our team, we would love to have you and I’d love to teach you how to grow an online business step-by-step.  If you don’t, not to worry, I will continue to give you the honest update of this experiment.

State of the Business update:

Success: We are now Elite HAC-ers which means that we have sold $800 of product.  That has been mostly from people close to us who love the product.  We have spent the month putting together our email list and establishing our brand.

Problems:  I have found that with some people (me included), the makeup takes a little bit of time to adjust to their skin.  For me, I think it was because it is cream based, which I have never used.  When I first starting using the product, I was convinced that I could never sell this product because it just didn’t work for me.  The makeup would feel like I could just wipe it off and I would get a little break out on my neck.  I gave it a few weeks and now I love it and use it daily.  The other day my friend told me that I looked brighter.  I’ll take that, but it did take some transition time for me.  

What I’ve been up to:

I have put a lot of time into creating my emails for people who sign up for our color match quiz and working on Facebook ads.  I’ve been receiving some mentoring for using Facebook ads and opt ins for business.  My mind has completely expanded to this possibility.  I don’t recommend jumping into Facebook ads for the beginning artist.  There is a lot of backend work (email sequence, opt ins, etc…) that you have to have mastered before you tackle that.  Don’t want you wasting your money until you know how to get the most out of it.

Maskcara Artist Review with I am Michelle Gifford what its like to be a maskcara artist

My plans:

-My big goal for my team is to help them create a brand for themselves and then use that to naturally sell Maskcara (a product they love).  To do that, I will be incorporating Maskcara products naturally into my own online presence.  (Don’t worry loyal followers, I will never push and I will stick to my rules, but I do use and love the product, so you will see how I use and love the product in real life.)

-I will be running Facebook ads in the next week.  I’ll keep you posted on the success of this.  I’m confident in the process but a little nervous to actually put this theory into practice.  It could work and it could not.  


So, what are your questions?  What questions about Maskcara or MLM/Direct Distributing do you have?  What do you wish I told more about?  Leave me your question in the comments.

Maskcara Artist Review with I am Michelle Gifford what its like to be a maskcara artist
Maskcara Artist Review with I am Michelle Gifford what its like to be a maskcara artist


Maskcara Artist Review Month 1 with I am Michelle Gifford

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