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My Number One Tip for Fast Growth

I recently spoke at The Choice Publicity Summit and one of the speakers, Veronica Romney, was speaking about how to build a great course. And what she said really stuck out to me. She said when you’re creating a course you need to make sure it’s for one specific person that has one specific problem. This applies for course creation but it also applies to content creation as well. If you can figure this out it will make your growth come very naturally. This is why it’s my number one tip for fast growth! 

My Number One Tip for Fast Growth Step 1: Know Your Audience

A lot of times on Instagram and other platforms. We all look around at what other people are posting and we try to mirror or copy what they are doing because they are growing. But, what if instead of this, we figure out what our one person is struggling with and how we can solve that problem for them? Then we will see the growth we are searching for. In the beginning, it might turn some of your current audience off when you start to speak directly to your one person you are serving. But that’s ok. You’ll start growing because the content you’re creating will attract your ideal audience. 

It’s like a magnet. Magnets have 2 sides, right? They both attract and repel depending on which side you are using. You speaking directly to your ideal customer will attract your ideal audience to your content. At the same time, it will also repel those who shouldn’t be there anyway. You need to start creating the type of content that is so polarizing that the right people find you and the wrong people are repelled. 

My Number One Tip for Fast Growth!

My Number One Tip for Fast Growth Step 2: Know The Problem You Solve

Here’s how my number one tip for fast growth can look in real life.  I want you to do an experiment for a week. When you’re creating your core piece of content, I want you to think of one problem your ideal audience has. Once you’ve thought of it, I want you to create one piece of core content that directly solves this problem. Think about your audience. What are they going through right now? Is there one thing in regards to your niche that you could talk about that would really serve your audience right now? You want this content to be so good that people want to share it. 

Now that you have your core piece of content, I want you to go into your Instagram and see what posts are doing the best in your analytics. Your Instagram is not a mystery. There is a science behind it. The science is that if you create the content that your one person wants and you keep creating that content for that person, your audience will grow. More people will begin to see your content. 

So go into your analytics and look at the most recent posts you’ve done in the past month and see which types are doing the best. Now that you know that, I want you to do more posts like them and see if you can serve your audience more. My top posts are the posts with me, my kids, and infographic posts. I’m going to do more of that type of content since my audience loves them. 

Applying My Number One Tip for Fast Growth to Your Instagram Strategy

When you’re thinking about your Instagram strategy going forward, I don’t want you to create content without knowing why. You need to be strategic. I want you to carry this strategy over into the people you interact and engage with online. When you’re on Instagram think about the audience members that you want to have. Where do they hang out? What big accounts do they follow? I bet there’s some accounts that have your exact audience. Turn on your post notifications just for those accounts and whenever they post, go and start leaving very valuable comments in their posts and respond to other people that are responding to that post. 

Why you aren't growing, and how to fix it.

Here’s why I want you to do this, those people who are commenting on the similar account are the most invested and engaged with that content. If you create a relationship with them, they are more likely to follow you to your account and follow you as well. Just be sure that you are creating valuable content. 

The Importance of Hashtags

Now let’s talk about hashtags. I want you to use hashtags that are very specific to your target audience. I like to use hashtag stacking with my content. This is where I have a few hashtags that are really broad and take in a lot of different people and have more than 1 million uses. I will only use a couple of the really big hashtags and then I do 10 that are in the middle at around 500k uses or less, a couple that are very specific to what my post is about and a couple that are under 100k uses. Think about what hashtags your specific person would be looking for, following, and clicking on. Use those hashtags. 

What if you’re a plant shop and you do a post about plant care? There are a ton of hashtags that have to do with plants. I would think about my ideal audience and what they might be following, clicking on and loving. Take those and create a list of the hashtags that they might be using. Draw from this list when you are creating hashtag lists for your content. 

What information you should have in your Instagram Bio

Now, move to your Instagram bio. Your bio should not have a ton of personal things that you do. It should focus on who you are serving, what problem they have, and how you solve that problem. If your bio does not reflect this information, you need to change it now. 

Lastly, I want you to look at your emails that you are sending. Are they solving a problem for your specific person? If they aren’t you need to change that using the information and steps I’ve outlined above. 

I want you to just do these steps for one week and see what happens. This is the great experiment! I want you to test my number one tip for fast growth and watch what happens with your content and your audience. 

The Core Content Code: Create Content that Works!

This is one of the things that I’m teaching about in my newest course, The Core Content Code. This framework is for you if you are tired of creating content and not getting the reaction you want. Also, if you are tired of creating content and not gaining traction with your audience. First, I’ll show you how to get really clear on your message and create powerful and direct content that serves your people. Next, I will show you how to create your content strategy and have a clear idea of what is going to be the best for you when it comes to your posting schedule- when and where to post. In the last step, we create your strategy for your content.

I'm Michelle Gifford. Content Strategist and Business Coach.

I am a Content Strategist and I do this for my business, big businesses, Influencers, etc. I help them create a strategy that makes sense for driving traffic and achieving their goals. Through The Core Content Code, I can help you, too. 

You shouldn’t have to sit there in front of a blinking cursor wondering what to post about, or stay up all night just to meet a deadline because you don’t have a clear plan. When you post and pray it doesn’t work, friends. If you don’t have a core message or foundation, you won’t be confident about the content you are creating and your followers won’t stay engaged. This course will help you with your consistency and it will help you know what  you need to post. You’ll know you’re doing it right and you’ll be taking advantage of a proven system that works. Join The Core Content Code here.

Will you try my number one tip for fast growth experiment?

Will you try my number one tip for fast growth? What’s stopping you from really getting clear about who you serve and how you can help them? You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Achieve your goals, grow your audience, and make more money with these steps and the information in my Core Content Code

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