3 Instagram Mistakes You are Making (You should pin this image to save this article for later) When you start using Instagram for business, things can get pretty confusing and frustrating.  Why can’t I get the followers I want and the interaction I need to get my post seen?  Well, maybe you are making these […]

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We all use Instagram and it is easy to share our pictures of little Susie taking her first steps, but when we start using Instagram for business, well it all hits the fan.  When this happens, we have to shift our mindset.  No longer are we posting for Grandma, now we have to post content […]

How to Get Instagram Worthy Pictures in 7 Easy Steps Pictures are a necessary and fun part of our business.  This whole Instagram fad just doesn’t seem to be going away.  But swimming in the Instagram sea can leave you feeling like you are sinking or barely staying afloat.  Well, not to worry.  You can […]

What to Wear in Hawaii: A Complete Guide We just got back from our trip to Maui.  My husband and I had a trip planned in October to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary, but quarantine struck and we had to cancel.  When some flight deals came up this spring, we jumped on it.  We had […]

3 Best Showit Sites for Coaches  Are you a coach? How do people find you and your services? Are you ready to broaden your scope? Having a website is a great way to increase your clientele, share your story, and let people know you are ready and willing to serve them. I have the 3 […]

What You’re Missing for Your Business Are you feeling burnt out in your business? Are you feeling exhausted from showing up on Instagram day in and day out in order to make money? Are you wanting to make a business shift, but not sure how to do it? Biz sister, I’m here for you! I […]

Six Strategic Showit Templates Entrepreneurs Need How much do you love your current website for your business? Do you feel confident in sharing it with people? Is it designed to increase your following and revenue? I want you to have a website you absolutely love that will help your business last. If you want that […]

How to Install Any Showit Template Are you new to Showit? Showit is the BEST website builder out there. Its’ features like drag and drop and canvas organization make your website designing process a breeze. I could go on about how much I love Showit, but you can just check out my past blog posts […]

What is Showit and Why Do I Love it? So, what is Showit? And why do I love it so much? Showit is what I use for designing my website. I fell in love with Showit when I went through my website design process. I’ve used other website builders, but Showit is truly the best.  […]

How to Get Started on Showit | A Step-by-Step Guide How in love are you with your website? I wasn’t in love with my website design at the beginning and now I can honestly say I love every piece of it. I want you to feel this way, too. That’s why I am sharing with […]

The Pros and Cons to Showit Starting or upgrading your website can be scary to commit to. How do you know which plan is the best? What do you do in the creation process? How do you even create a website? If you’ve been wondering about any of that, this post on the pros and […]

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