My Maskcara Makeup

Mar 30, 2017

Click here to check out the Maskcara products I’m not that girl.  You won’t be invited to a party or forced into an awkward conversation.  The deal is that I really like this makeup.  As a photographer, I appreciate having a quick and efficient way to apply beautiful makeup.  When I’m doing quick sessions, this […]



How to start a blog in 30 minutes or less. How to start a blog in 30 minutes or less?  Sounds crazy, right?  But, I got you.  We are going to make this happen.  Blogging is powerful.  You have a voice.  You have a business.  You need to blog.  Blogging brings you new business and helps your customers […]

    1. Maskcara face pallette There are two things I like in my makeup: 1.  Make me look and feel pretty.  2.  Make that all happen fast. My mom always told me that the first thing that you do when you get up in the morning is get ready for the day.  It is easier to […]

Emergency Preparedness First 3 Minutes Yeah, I know.  Emergency preparedness isn’t the most exciting topic, but nothing gets me worked up faster than feeling unprepared.  And last week, my husband and I were relaxing watching “The Office” after a long day of chasing kids. My baby wouldn’t go to sleep and was toddling around when […]

App: Day One Day One is a journaling app for your phone. You can upload pictures to each day’s post and organize them with tags. So, if I write about my baby on one day, then I can tag her in it and then if I ever want to read about all of the little […]

My in-laws live 14 houses away from me.  They bought chickens and have been enjoying fresh eggs and morning wakeup calls for the past 9 months. Recently when one of my nephews was visiting, he refused to eat the omelet because he knew where they eggs came from.  They were too “real” he said.  I’ve been […]

How to Make Homemade Bread When I was growing up, my friends loved sleeping over at my house because they knew that every Saturday morning was scone morning.  My mom made homemade bread  and she would rob bread dough and make scones for breakfast.  I would eat my scones smothered in homemade strawberry jam sitting next […]

Southern California Senior photographer Riverside Ca Michelle Gifford Photography

This course includes:

  • 6 videos

What you’ll learn:

  • iPhone’s secret functions
  • my step-by-step to setting up a shot
  • what I look for when taking pictures
  • types of lighting
  • how to find the best times to shoot in your house
  • compositional elements of a good picture

I’m a photographer and I created this course for my non-photographer best friend.  While creating it, she sat by me and kept asking the hard questions until I boiled the course down to the perfect combination of photography basics and simple terms.



You know those people who you just know loves you and has loved you since you were born?  That is my Aunt Donna.  Actually, she is my great-aunt Donna.  She’d give me a hug every week at church and just made me feel special. Aunt Donna is now 97-years-old, with an unmatched wit and endless […]

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Jan 20, 2017

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