Pinterest Jump Start

THE course you need to jump start your business with Pinterest.

Did you know?

  • Pinterest has more than 367 million users each month
  • 83% of those users made purchases because of what they searched on Pinterest.
  • 98% of Pinners report trying new things they found on Pinterest

If you aren't using Pinterest to grow your business, you are missing out on money and customers.

I will teach you how to use it for your business.

Introducing: Pinterest Jump Start
For the creative entrepreneur who is ready to harness the power of Pinterest to grow their business.  Have you been hearing that Pinterest can be a business tool but you don't know how to harness its power?  

This course is for you.  

I will walk you through everything you need to know.  You'll become a Pinterest master in no time!
Oh, hey you.  I'm Michelle
A few years ago, I did something crazy.  I joined an MLM.  Maybe for you it isn't that crazy, but for me it was. I wanted to see if I could utilize my business experience to grow an mlm online without begging family or throwing any parties.

How would I do it?

Through Pinterest.

I know.  Are you shocked?  Within a year, I became one of the top recruiters and sellers in the company.  Pinterest still drives thousands of people to my site each month.

Pinterest works.

For the past four years, I've helped hundreds of online businesses harness the power of Pinterest to grow their businesses.

Now it is your turn.

My course will walk you through how to set up a Pinterest account that will grow your business and make you money.
Are you:
  • wanting more traffic to your blog and business?
  • looking to increase sales without spending money on FB ads?
  • excited to grow organically with people who are searching for your content?
  • wanting to use one of the three most powerful search engines to grow your business?
  • tired of googling to figure out Pinterest and are ready to make it a power player in your business?

I feel ya, sister. My Pinterest Jump Start course is for you.

The process is super easy:
1. Learn the basics of Pinterest

Pinterest can feel confusing.  I've broken down everything that you need to know.  You'll learn the difference between a group and a board and a tribe, rich pin and smart feed.

You'll be a pro in no time.

2. Create a strong Pinterest presence

Learn how to create an account that attracts the right kind of people who turn into customers.  There is power here.

Did you know that your target audience is on Pinterest right now searching for your product? You need to be there too.

3. Grow your account with my secrets

You're all set up and ready to grow!  You'll see how to start pinning strategically so you can grow quickly.

Time to make Pinterest work for you!

I had NO idea you could even use Pinterest for business until I took Michelle's Pinterest class. After implementing her techniques, I started seeing traffic immediately.
What makes Pinterest so powerful?
  • Pinterest is a search engine
  • Millions go to Pinterest every day to find content YOU are creating.
  • Pinterest makes your content evergreen (that means it lasts for years, not hours like Instagram).
  • Your audience is on Pinterest, why aren't you?

What's in Pinterest Jump Start
This is a no-nonsense, no fluff course that is going to change your business and make you money.
Module 1: Lay the foundation
Learn the ins and outs of Pinterest and how to make it work with your business strategy.
Module 2: Build it and they will come
Set your Pinterest account up for success.  Learn what it takes to create the perfect profile and pins to attract your ideal customer.
Module 3: Start your Pinterest Party
It is time to grow! Now that you've got the party ready, invite your peeps and watch your business take off. 
Get all of that for $247
Join now!
Listen sister, I don't want you to miss out on this opportunity to learn how to utilize the power of Pinterest to grow your business.  Don't look back in 6 months and with you had jumped in!

Click the button below and sign up now.  You won't regret it.
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