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THE course you need to jump start your business with Pinterest.

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What if your Pinterest account:
-brought you new leads & sales
-organically drove traffic to your website
-AND made you money without using FB ads?

What if you could use Pinterest to grow your business?

 Guess what? Pinterest doesn't have to be confusing or hard. 

I've seen it before. You're not alone!

Maybe you've tried to use Pinterest to grow your business before, but you gave up because it was too time consuming to figure it out on your own.

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My name is regina.


The Pinterest Jump Start Course will show you how to harness the power of Pinterest to grow your business. Here's how: 

Are you:

-Wanting more traffic to your blog and business?

-Looking to increase sales without spending money on FB ads?

-Excited to grow organically with people who are searching for your content?

-Wanting to use one of the three most powerful search engines to grow your business?

-Tired of googling to figure out Pinterest and are ready to make it a power player in your business?

I feel ya, sister.
My Pinterest jump start course is for you.

Are you ready to:

Harness the power of Pinterest to grow your business?

Drive thousands of people to your website each month?

Grow your business and make money while you sleep?

Reach your ideal audience that is searching for content YOU are creating?

I'm going to show you the exact process that I have used to transform hundreds of businesses and increase revenues for top Influencers.

I'm a brand strategist, business coach, content queen, and stay at home mom to five. Over the past 14 years, I've built 5 successful businesses and now I get to help others do the same.

I've helped hundreds of women take their businesses to the next level. Whether that was a mom ready to launch her business or an Influencer ready to launch her course, I'm here for it.
For the past four years, I've helped hundreds of online businesses harness the power of Pinterest to grow their businesses. Now, my agency  increases revenues for top Influencers and bloggers using my Pinterest system.

It's your turn.

You don't have time to waste. I can't wait to show you how to use Pinterest to grow your business and make you money. 

You can do it!  It is easier than you think. Get started today.


I'm Michelle Gifford.

Hey You!


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Sweet Nothings & Soft Kisses


-pinterest is a search engine.

-Millions go to pinterest every day to find content YOU are creating. 

-Pinterest makes your content evergreen (that means it lasts for years, not hours like Instagram).

-your audience is on Pinterest, why aren't you?

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what makes pinterest so powerful?

Stop creating content that isn't being found by your ideal audience.
It's time to make Pinterest work for you!


the pinterest
jump start course

Using this system
will give you:

My proven system for utilizing the power of Pinterest's search engine.

Pinterest strategies that are simple and easy to follow.

The tools for setting your Pinterest account up for success.

A method for making money while you sleep!

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Do you want your content to reach millions of people every day?

Are you tired of chasing down your ideal customer?

You need to be using Pinterest.

-Shelley Swapp

"I had NO idea you could even use Pinterest for business until I took Michelle's Pinterest class. 

After implementing her techniques, I started seeing traffic immediately."

You can stay stuck feeling:

-Like you are creating content that isn't being seen.
-Frustrated that you don't know how to use Pinterest's full power.
-Overwhelmed with quick fixes and free tutorials that aren't getting you the traffic you deserve.

Or you can:

-Attract your ideal customer to your website while you are out living your life.
-Learn how to use Pinterest the RIGHT way.
-Be confident that your content is driving traffic to your website.

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