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Sep 20, 2016


A website review by Michelle Gifford.

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Do you know that your customer decides to stay or leave your site within the first 7 seconds?  Sheesh!  Talk about pressure.  But, your landing page can be the door that brings your customers in and makes them feel at home and ultimately want to work with you.

Every year, I see hundreds of websites. I know the musts and the must nots.  Let me help you make your website front page the door that lets your potential customers become clients.

A Second Look: A Personal Website Front Page Review

What you get:

-A personal review by me of your website

-A list of what you are doing great

-A detailed plan of what you can do to make your page better

-A personal video critique of your website

After purchase, I will send you a personal email to gather your website information and to get any specific concerns you have.  Your website review will be completed in 1-2 weeks.  The recommendations I give you will be an outline of improvements you can make on your website.  It will be up to you to institute the plan.

Please email me with any questions: michelle(at)iammichellegifford(dot)com



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