You know how I feel about blogging.  It is THE competitive edge in my business.  For the past six months, we’ve been blogging consistently about our MLM Maskcara business and now we are getting consistent traffic and consistent sales.  While everyone else is busy growing their Instagram and Facebook following and getting nowhere, I’m […]

My top secret strategy to Maskcara business success Honestly, hanging out on Instagram is my idea of business fun.  I get to meet a lot of people and build friendships, but what I was finding is that those relationships usually didn’t add a lot to my piggy bank (you know what I’m sayin’?).  I know […]

  Five Pillars of Influence to building an online business Did you watch The Greatest Showman?  Ha!  That’s a silly question.  But did you watch the behind the scenes clip of the cast practicing one of the songs and Hugh Jackman has a stand in singer for his part because of a surgery he had […]

How to make a business plan You are confused.  There is just SO much information and you are drowning with all of the knowledge and opinion on where to focus on when you are starting or growing your business.  Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Email list, Blog, Snap Chat.  On and on.  This can be completely frustrating […]

I read a lot…wait… that’s not right.  I listen a lot.  Whether I am cleaning the kitchen or making dinner, I am always listening to books.  Living in a time when I can learn from the best of the best while doing my every day chores makes me pretty excited about life.  A lot of […]

3 Things Every Maskcara Artist Must Get Over to Be Successful Signing up to become a Maskcara artist is usually the easy part of the business. It is all of the other stuff that comes with it that can feel complicated. As in almost everything, the answer to this lies in you. (Does that feel […]

Where to sell Maskcara Makeup Starting your Maskcara business can be tricky. It is hard to know how to sell and where to sell it. In this video, I’m going to break down how to decide, the different types of selling and the pros and cons to all of them. 1. In-person. In-person selling is […]

  7 ways to build your business while watching tv After a long, fun and productive day of five kids, car pool, working, scouts, piano and everything, my husband and I like to sit down at night and watch a couple episodes of the Office together.  It is our thing and we love it.  (Will […]

The Maskcara Business Experiment: 6 Month Update Well my friends, it has been a whole six months since I started the Maskcara Experiment where I set out to see if I could make an MLM successful without doing any Facebook groups or parties and focus on only online business principles.  I set out with making […]

A Business Girl’s Christmas List Christmas is just around the corner and truth be told, I usually spend my Christmas list items on things for my business.  It’s useful, it makes me happy and it makes me money.  I win all around.  For my Christmas wish list this year, I am giving you my top […]

  How to sign up as a Maskcara Artist A step-by-step guide You’ve researched becoming a Maskcara Artist, now it is time to enroll as a Maskcara Artist.  So how do you actually do it?  Here is a step-by-step guide to signing up as a Maskcara artist. Step 1.  Go to the Maskcara website  Click […]

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