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Every template comes with:

-Fully functioning Showit Website template
-7 pages: Landing, about me, contact, blog, podcast, services page, testimonial, and website privacy pages.
-Showit design training
-About Me page fill-in-the-blank to make writing your About Me page a breeze.
-Branded website with colors and fonts ready to go (you can customize it, but don't have to)
-No coding required!!
-WordPress blog built in

Why Showit?

1. Showit seamlessly integrates with WordPress which is THE place you should be blogging. Period.  Wordpress has all of the functions and plugins to help you get your content seen on Google and Pinterest.

2. Designing in Showit is EASY.  I've tried all of the other website builders and they always left me frustrated.  Showit's drag and drop feature makes updating your site simple.

I wanted a software that you could start using today and then, when you are ready to update or change things, it would be easy for you to do.

Bad websites lose you money.

We've all had that moment when we are at a conference or among friends and they ask for our website.  We can either (1) cringe, hand it over and pray they don't actually visit it OR (2) we can have a website that we are proud to talk about and throw around like 

As a rule, I always choose

Don't waste anymore time or money. Choose your template now.



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