Selling Maskcara Online Maskcara experiment with I am Michelle Gifford

State of the Business Maskcara Experiment Week 1

Maskcara Business

Selling Maskcara Online Maskcara experiment with I am Michelle Gifford

Two weeks ago, I told you that I was trying an experiment. As a long time online business owner, I am testing out tried and true business principles to see if I can create a successful business as part of a MLM (multi-level marketing) business without selling to my friends online or at a party.  (You can read the whole blog post here.)   

You can also read my list of why I chose Maskcara over other MLMs here.  

As promised, it is time to check in, share the events of the week and analyze next steps.

What we did:

-My sister-in-law, JoEllen (aka beauty genius), and I have been busy creating searchable and pinnable content over on our website.  We are currently doing a Eye Shadow Week.  You can go check it out to see which color of eye shadows look best on your eyes.  Click here.

-JoEllen created a quiz that people can use to find the right color match makeup for them.  We have had 45 people take the quiz so far.

Selling Maskcara Online Maskcara experiment Maskcara experiment the strategy for I am Michelle Gifford

-I am creating an online course for my downline (girls who sign up for Maskcara under me) to learn how to blog, create content, use Pinterest and SEO, use email marketing and create an online brand around who they are, not just Maskcara makeup

-Prayed that the right people would who would be a good fit for our team, would find us.  We believe in prayer over here and know that businesses do much better when you seek God’s help.

Selling Maskcara Online Maskcara experiment with I am Michelle Gifford


-Just a few days after launching, we had one person sign up as a consultant under us.  Here name is Leslie and I will be featuring her in a later blog post.  She found us through a Facebook search.  She read this blog, loved our approach to selling Maskcara and wanted to build her personal brand. (Prayers answered!)

-In just a week of signing up with us and going through my training, Leslie has created a blog, set up an Instagram and has made her first online sell.  This sell was done even before she announced that she was a consultant.  The sell came from a woman Leslie knew from years ago.  The woman checked out her blog, clicked on her Maskcara button and made a large purchase.  This is a HUGE success.  It means that not only does creating an online presence and using it to sell products work for me, someone who has a lot of experience, but that these business practices can be taught and taught quickly.

-Made a couple online sells from friends.

-Had a friend take the color match quiz, then try my makeup samples and found that the quiz matched her perfectly!


-I had planned to do some Facebook ads to drive more traffic to our Color Match quiz.  I simply ran out of time, but will be adding that shortly.


-All girls who sign up for Maskcara with us will receive my business training and photography course for Free.  They also get one-on-one business mentoring to help along the way.  This bundle is worth more than $500, but I feel like it will ensure that our team finds success.  (If this interests you at all and you want to join the experiment, contact me.)

-Create Facebook ads to get people to take the Color Match Quiz and get email subscribers.


This week was successful.  Because of a speaking engagement and getting sick, I wasn’t able to put as much time into this as I would have wanted, but we are on our way!

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