Friends!  Can you believe it has been a year since I started the Maskcara Experiment?  Yikes!  When I announced that I was going to join an MLM and try things differently, I received a lot of support.  Maybe this support came because you  thought I wouldn’t last or maybe it came because I promised that […]

My top secret strategy to Maskcara business success Honestly, hanging out on Instagram is my idea of business fun.  I get to meet a lot of people and build friendships, but what I was finding is that those relationships usually didn’t add a lot to my piggy bank (you know what I’m sayin’?).  I know […]

3 Things Every Maskcara Artist Must Get Over to Be Successful Signing up to become a Maskcara artist is usually the easy part of the business. It is all of the other stuff that comes with it that can feel complicated. As in almost everything, the answer to this lies in you. (Does that feel […]

Where to sell Maskcara Makeup Starting your Maskcara business can be tricky. It is hard to know how to sell and where to sell it. In this video, I’m going to break down how to decide, the different types of selling and the pros and cons to all of them. 1. In-person. In-person selling is […]

The Maskcara Business Experiment: 6 Month Update Well my friends, it has been a whole six months since I started the Maskcara Experiment where I set out to see if I could make an MLM successful without doing any Facebook groups or parties and focus on only online business principles.  I set out with making […]

(Buy my shirt here Womens Fitness Taco Funny Gym T Shirt Humorous Mexican Food Tee For Ladies (Yellow) -L) Maskcara Artist Podcast Episode 4 Looking around at all of the other Maskcara artists, can quickly become overwhelming. You see all of their followers and success and want to know how to get those thousands and […]

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