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The question I get asked the most from those starting or growing a business is ‘Where is the best place to build a website?’

I’ve been on the search for years and I finally found something that makes blogging and building a website easy, effective, and fast. I’m in love with my website now and I’m confident about how it represents my brand and my business. That’s something I want for you too, so check out my podcast or keep reading to discover the best place to build a website. 

Let’s Talk Blog

When I first created my blog site (website with a blog) I was using Ontraport. I’d create my landing pages on Ontraport and then connect it to my WordPress blog and publish it that way. This process worked fine, but I just wasn’t in love with it. I felt like it was too masculine for myself and for who I intended to serve. 

I really wanted my blog site to be representative of who I am, especially as I was growing and branding my agency. Because of this, I knew I needed to make a switch, but I didn’t know how or where yet. 

Content is my main thing. I’m all about content, so because of that I know I needed to keep using WordPress because that’s the best medium to use in order to be featured on Pinterest and Google. I decided getting rid of WordPress was out of the question, but I still needed to find something where I could have my content needs met through WordPress, but also have a website that was beautiful. 

I feel so strongly about having a blog. You may think it’s dead, but it is not dead. (Find out more about why this is true here.) When blogging first became a thing, it was a way for us to follow our friends and see what they’re up to. But now that type of blogging is called Instagram. 

Find out the best platform to build a website and what elements make up the perfect blog site. 


Instagram vs. Blog

Now, people turn to blogs for information they need. When someone searches on Google or Pinterest, “holiday decor” or “activities to do with family for the holidays” or whatever it may be, blogs are the content that Google and Pinterest pull up. Your very own blog could be pulled up from one of these searches and the best part is that it’s YOURS! You own it–which is not the same case with Instagram. 

When you sign up for Instagram, you agree the content you post will be monitored by Instagram and ultimately, it has the final say on what you post. Another thing, you do not own your followers. Those belong to Instagram as well. Therefore, if you are solely trying to use Instagram as your method to grow a business it may be time to think of another medium that will keep your business safe and growing. 

Here’s an example to illustrate my point. 

Right before the election, Instagram stopped using hashtags. It was not allowing people in the US to use hashtags, which meant showing a limited amount of search results or not showing any results at all. Instagram’s reasoning was it didn’t want the wrong information spread and cause more of an uproar. Whether or not you agree with Instagram’s choice of no hashtags, it doesn’t matter because you do not own Instagram. 

Something to keep in mind with using Instagram is that you don’t own your followers, the algorithms–any of it. With Instagram you could get banned, you could get hacked, or your post could be denied. This is what you agreed to when you signed up and it’s important to have a healthy fear and respect for that. 

I personally was affected by this because one of my posts was denied by Instagram. I had a post I was planning to add to my story that included the word “election” in my caption and Instagram told me that single story was denied. While I didn’t agree with Instagram’s reasoning of no hashtags, I respected them as a business and its’ right to make that type of decision. 

Again, because of instances like this, it’s imperative for your business to have something more reliable like a blog than just relying on the more riskier option of an Instagram account. Of course, still use Instagram to promote your business–it’s an amazing and effective tool–but don’t put all your eggs in the Instagram basket.

If you do not have an email list, a website, a blog where your content can live longer than it can on Instagram, then start thinking about the long term health of your business and how to make your content more sound. 

Find out how these three elements make up the perfect blog site.


How to Create the Perfect Blog Site

If your blog site includes these three elements, you will feel closer to representing your business and brand in a way that feels like you. 

1- Use WordPress

WordPress is the best around when it comes to the place to build your website. I use this over Squarespace and Wix because it has better functionality. WordPress has the best plugins because of how long it’s been around. It specifically has the best plugins for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which helps you get more views on Google and Pinterest. 

2- Easy to Design

I don’t code. I don’t want to take the time to learn how to code. However, I design and I have a knack for visually and conceptually building brands. I wanted to find something where it doesn’t take hours upon hours to learn, but something I could get and immediately start figuring it out.

3- Make it Beautiful

I wanted a creative license to do whatever I want and build a brand that represents me. 

So, what is the answer? What’s the platform to give you these three things for the perfect blog site?

Find out the details about and how it's the most user-friendly platform to create a blog site.


The Perfect Platform

The platform is is the best place to build your website. is made by photographers. The backend functions like Photoshop, which is something you don’t need to be afraid of. It’s incredibly easy to design beautiful things. You can design your pages in Showit and during the whole creation process you can view how it looks on a desktop layout and on a mobile layout. 

If you are just starting out with getting a blog site, the first thing to do is get a domain. Getting this is inexpensive and you can through a domain site like

Once you have your domain, sign up for Showit. You can build your website there and it has free templates to get you started. 

Here’s pricing just to help you to get an idea of what to expect.


$19/month* for a site with no blog.

$24/month* for a basic blog site and would migrate fewer than 50 posts.

$34/month* for a big blog site where you would publish more than 50 posts. 

*All of these options would be billed annually. 

OK, are you ready for the great news!?

Not sure how to get started in creating your own blog site? Check out my post for a special release to help you get started!


Special Release!

To make it easier for you to get started, on Thursday, Nov. 19, I’m releasing several custom templates I’ve created through Showit. You can get these templates and put them on your blog site. These templates are specifically designed to invite conversion and provide clarity in your brand messaging. 

A lot of people put too much on their website. The secret to convert your target audience is to be clear on who you are and who you serve, so narrow it down and get real about your purpose. 

So, in the spirit of Black Friday, I’m kicking it off with this big discount on these custom designed templates for your blog site. I’m excited for you guys to try it because these templates come with a walk-through on how to customize your design and how Showit works. 

I’m so happy for you guys too because you won’t have to pay someone else to do your website design and instead will be able to do it yourself. And I’m looking forward to seeing how your website changes and how that changes your business. 

Join my Instagram and my email list, so you can get the release–in just TWO days!–of the custom made templates! 

You can visit my website and click on the button at the top to join and you’ll get first dibs at the templates. 

Happy creating! 


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