The Core Content Formula Course

Teaching you the formula to 
create quality content + reach a bigger audience + be in all the places
(without it taking over your life)

Want to create more content in way less time?
Yeah, you do, girl.  I got you

Regulary $247!

Does your content lack purpose?
Are you exhausted from creating alll of that content for allll the places?
Do you wish your content had more focus and brought you more money?

What if there was a system that made creating content easy?

There is.
The Core Content Formula walks you through
  • Choosing 1 piece of content per week
  • Taking that piece of content and stretching it across all of your platforms
  • A step-by-step process that will take the guess work out of posting on Instagram, Facebook, Stories and every where else
The process is super easy:
1. Choose 1 piece of content to create each week
2. Learn how to stretch it across all your platforms
3. Finally have control of your content
I used to spend soooo much time creating content.  Not anymore! This formula is a game changer.

What's in the Core Content Formula Course?
Hey you,

My name is Michelle and I'm a content creator just like you.  I'm also a mom to five kids and I own a couple businesses.  I don't have time to waste but I do have a lot of content to create. 

Creating that content used to take up all my time but I knew there had to be a better way. And so I created the content formula.  This is a simple formula that helps you get more bang out of each piece of content you create, which translates into more time for you.

I mean business.
You can stick to creating content the same way you've always done it or you could take the course and find the way you should be doing it.
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