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I am michelle gifford Photography Basics Course

“I just wrapped up your course and I just have one word: AMAZING!!  I don’t think my camera will be leaving my side ever again. I’m thrilled to start making improvements with my personal photography and the photography for my blog. This was seriously one of the best courses I have taken where I felt like I could actually improve my photography skills rather than being overwhelmed.”

“This course was outstanding! I truly enjoyed every second of it and was fully engaged the whole time. The clarifications, stepbystep directions, defining jargon words for photographers, and making the connection to the student learning helped tremendously. This course wasnt just on how to take a picture, but also how to edit a picture. I felt like I was winning the lottery when finally being shown how to make simple, yet bold, edits on photos for a polished look. I never once felt overwhelmed or that I couldnt do it. Every module/unit was pre- sented in an order that built upon one another beautifully. They were also the perfect length of time to where they were not too short or too long. The assignments were also an extra bonus I couldnt wait to complete.
This was great to include for different types of learners: auditory, hands on, and visual learners. The links and attachments at the bottom of each unit made me feel 100% prepared and cleared up any questions I had when photographing without the video.”


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