A brand strategist and marketing expert who empowers women to create a clear brand and use effective marketing so they can grow THE business they feel called to create. 

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You can have a serious business making serious money without sacrificing everything.

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Building the business that you dream of is possible.

Building a business (and making money) is fun and easier than you think.

If you feel called to business, you are qualified to start.

Elise-Polka Dotted Blue Jay

Being a part of Michelle's Money Makers has moved my business more forward in 12 months than it moved in 5 years without a community and coach. 

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Kristen Walker Smith

Michelle!  Oh my goodness! I'm sitting here holding back tears and fist bumping the air. I finished the training this week and now I have SO MUCH CLARITY!

Thank you for being exactly who I needed in my life at this moment.

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Alexis-Parenting Girl Podcast

I love Michelle’s Money Makers! With homeschooling and being a mom, I just have all the excuses why I shouldn’t be working on my business, but Michelle gives me great knowledge, ideas, and assignments to get me going especially during this crazy time where it’s so easy to feel defeated. I’ve gotten more done these last few weeks with my business than I have in a long time!

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I'm Michelle

For the past 15 years, I've been building a business alongside of raising kids.  

While most marketing experts tell you that you have to "go all in" or "you've got to make six figures to find success" or "just hire a babysitter" or whatever,
I've found that with the right tools and strategy, you can build an amazing (and profitable) business without giving up the best moments (or the motherhood). 

And, it can be fun!

Two ways I can help:

MG Creative Agency

Money Makers Group Coaching

DIY Style

Join Money Makers.  As a Money Maker, you get access to all of my courses, monthly coaching anc a community of women who get it.  

We do it for you

Ready to hand over the heavy lifting of your content and strategy? You can hire me and my team to do it for you.  Check out my marketing agency.

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Business changing

"Michelle's podcasts gives you concise tactics to really launch your next business steps, while giving you a boost of confidence.  She is a clear friendly voice in a very large crowd of do this-ers."
Elizabeth, Rock the Mom Jeans

"I feel like Michelle is exactly the right coach I've been looking for when it comes to helping me develop my business.  Her personality is warm and personal, the content is remarkably relevant, and nearly every episode gives me a major "aha!" moment."
-Rachel Jefferson

Michelle Gifford



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5 Things you need to know as a business woman.

Today I’m sharing some thoughts on something you’ve heard me say quite a few times before. And that is understanding our divine responsibility to stand up, speak out, and serve. And I’ve divided this topic into 5 things you need to know as a business woman. If you’re ready for a pep talk, this post is for you! 


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