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Class is in session for the Business Mom School! And I am going to be your favorite professor, Michelle Gifford. In the Business Mom School, tuition is free, but you have to do the work. 

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The Podcast

The no BS way to do business!

The Business Mom School podcast provides a step-by-step process to grow your business. It's designed to help you make money.
Along with the podcast, we'll have weekly Youtube videos and emails with an assignment to help you grow your business right now. And it's all FREE!

Text "BMS" to 951-309-7885 to be my business BFF and get all the updates!

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Money Maker here! I love how you provide the perfect bite-size pieces of information that are actionable. I'm always left knowing exactly what my next set of to-dos are! Thank you!


I love Michelle's ability to know when to push you and when to love you and when to teach you. I have learned so much from her sharing her wisdom. I highly recommend her if you need help taking off with your business.

Kayla Kipper

I'm so grateful for Michelle. I'm grateful she shares the things she has learned through her experience. I can totally relate and she motivates me to keep going and do better.

Beca Miller

I've been following Michelle for years. She has so much great business advice that will make all the difference in your business. Especially her money maker method! I can't wait to implement her method in my business and see how it grows this year.

Lexi Tan

I love homemade kettle corn, women who are serious about motherhood AND business, late-night talks, content strategy, and building a business around your dreams.

I didn't start as a CEO and content master, it all started with a handmade little girl hat. 

Sixteen years ago, I left my PR job to follow my husband to medical school. I was six months pregnant with no job and no friends. I knew I wanted to stay at home with my son, but I felt lonely and unfulfilled. So I picked up my trusty Bernina sewing machine and started an Etsy shop. I'll never forget my first sale. It was magic and I was hooked.  

That was just the beginning!

Meet the Hostess!

I went from selling thousands of items on Etsy, to starting my own photography business where I was recognized nationally as one of the most influential senior photographers. I created a photography nonprofit called Beauty Revived and started teaching business for photographers.

From there, I focused on teaching business to women, started podcasting, and four years ago, I opened my marketing agency. 

The past 16 years have given me 5 children and more business experience than I could have dreamed of!

I've worked with brands like Marco Polo, Angela Rose Home, Cake by Courtney and so many more. I've gained a strong conviction that women are being called like never before to stand up and speak out. If you feel called to business, then I'm your girl. 

My Business Journey

Luvs, Michelle

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You're growing a business and it's exhausting wearing all of the hats. You know it is time to take your business up a notch, but that sounds like a lot of work and a lot of time that you don't have.  

Michelle Gifford Creative was built to help you grow and scale your business in a way that lets you to keep doing what you love while leaving the business-y stuff to us.

We are an agency made for creatives by creatives so we get you and we are eager and ready to help. 

AND a lot less of what you don't

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I am a business coach, podcaster, speaker, and marketing strategist. The Michelle Gifford Creative team is made up of professional blog writers, SEO experts, Pinterest powerhouses, course launch masters, and email marketers.

We believe so deeply in you and your good message and love being able to help you do and impact more (all while making more money).

Our team is made of of 8 women from across the country. We love being able to work with some of the best and most inspiring creatives around and we would love to help you next.

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