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Hey! I'm Michelle!
The Social Strategist

Your new go-to resource with monthly content plans, Q&A calls, and all the secrets you need to build a biz on IG!

it's time to conquer instagram

Ever find yourself wishing you had an expert in your back pocket, telling you what to post each month? 

Well now you do... Michelle is the expert that knows the EXACT strategies that are working right now for accounts just like yours!

let's get started

Have you ever felt like no matter how much time you spend on Instagram, you're screaming into a void?

You’re stuck spending HOURS on content that only your mom sees

You struggle to make the algorithm happy and gain new followers

You feel like you’re wasting your time posting and praying

It doesn't have to be that way...

Does this sound familiar?

Don’t give up! We can help you get real traction and make an impact!

we make it easy!

monthly content plans

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Insta Social Society includes all the tools you need to create strategic content and grow...


I’m letting you in on every single Instagram secret that has helped me grow.

I am the strategist behind multiple 6, 7 and 8 figure brands and I’ve helped hundreds of businesses grow on Instagram.  

Hi, I’m Michelle, The Social Strategist.

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How it Works: 


see real results from your effort

Put the content plans into action, utilize trending audio and follow Insta strategies taught by Michelle to see results.... it's up to you!


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In your content library you'll find Masterclasses taught by Michelle Gifford, exclusive Insta tutorials, monthly content plans, trending audio, and Canva templates


Every day I'm asked if it's still possible to grow on Instagram.

My answer? YES!

Instagram isn’t scary and the algorithm doesn’t hate you... with a little help, you can grow!

I’m pulling back the curtain and showing you the EXACT steps to:

Reels that get hundreds of thousands of views (and sometimes millions!

Carousel posts that bring in qualified leads (leads that have been searching for you! 

Explosive follower growth (even if you’re starting at zero!

Insta Social Society is your one-stop for all things Instagram growth!

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You are absolutely capable of building your biz on Instagram.  Your voice matters, your perspective can make a difference and your special gifts are needed!

Are you ready to kick discouragement, overwhelm, and stress about IG out the door? 

Are you ready to finally start making the impact you imagined, that you just can’t ignore?

I’d like to punch that fear in the face! 

Don’t doubt for one second that you’re not smart enough, not techie enough or so far behind all the other accounts that there isn’t a place for you. Not true, my friend!

If the only thing holding you back from your full potential is fear of Instagram—then you’re in the right place!

Get access to real strategy that is working in real-time, an entire resource training library to keep you up on trends, and most importantly a supportive community of business owners just like you.  

i want real growth

I'm here to help! With Insta Social Society you will feel confident and capable as I guide you through growth every step of the way!

luvs michelle

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