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Hey! I'm Michelle!
The Social Strategist

The hands-on course for serious insta-biz owners designed to grow your following AND profits on Instagram. 

The Strategic No BS Instagram Course

For serious business owners — if you're ready to break up with Insta because it just doesn't 'get' you anymore

You’ve spent the time and built a community on Instagram—so why does it feel like you’re stuck and the algorithm hates you? You need strategy, STAT! 

let's get started

Hands-On Guided Course

Interactive community

Live training

Everything you need to grow an Instagram account is at your fingertips! 

Does this sound familiar?

You used to understand what Instagram and your audience wanted, but now it’s crickets... and no growth

Your story views have literally been cut in half... and you have no clue why!

You gain 97 followers and lose 98 followers every day, never able to get traction

You feel like you’ve tried everything and don’t understand what the algorithm wants from you

You wonder if your growth from years ago was an accident, maybe Instagram isn’t the place for you

Before you throw Instagram out, you need to know…

You are not alone!

I hear these exact things from business owners when they reach out to me for help because they are DONE spinning their wheels and wasting time!

You want to know the EXACT blueprint for cracking the Instagram code today (because how it was four years ago does not work)...

Leads and buyers coming to you on autopilot

You're ready for...

Add in some accountability, industry experts, and a supportive community that cheers on your every win and you’re GOLD!

join now!

Growth without the constant stress

Confidence in your posts, reels, and stories

It’s a good thing you stopped by, because Instagram strategy is my specialty…

I am the strategist behind multiple 6, 7 and 8 figure brands and I’ve helped hundreds of businesses grow on Instagram.  

Hi, I’m Michelle, The Social Strategist.

Are you next?

Join THE course grow the gram

Start the 8-module course and learn my exact blueprint to grow your following AND profits without the stress of trying to figure it out on your own. I've got you!

How it Works: 


see real results from your effort

Watch your IG go from stuck to a thriving, happening-place with real income and massive impact. You will be confident in what you're creating and love what you do!


Get hands-on IG strategy and help

For an entire year, I’ll be your guide. Weekly calls and 60-day goal sprints will keep you on track and making consistent progress with training, support, and accountability.


Every day I'm asked if it's still possible to grow on Instagram.

My answer? YES!

I’m not messing around with Grow the Gram, I expect tremendous results—that’s why I’m committing to be in your corner for a whole year.  

Grow the Gram is an 8-module course with an entire year of support (and sprints to keep the momentum!) 

I don’t want to quickly throw a bunch of knowledge at you and then never talk to you again…

I don’t want you making an investment in your biz and then feeling abandoned 3 months later when an update on Insta has you totally stuck and confused…

I don’t want to see you just gain 1,000 followers and go on your merry way…

I want to see you succeed BIG TIME!

A clear strategy to make insta work for your biz... create great content that brings new clients

Real results for your biz... collabs, contracts, sales or a booked-out calendar 

Engagement through the roof... growing and connecting with your ideal audience

Step into your power as a full-blown CEO of your own thriving business—that is what I want for you.  

what does success look like?

year-long training

Choose which one works best for you and let’s GET GROWING! 

There are 2 ways to join Grow the Gram today:

your investment

12 payments of


for the entire year


save $500

here are just a few awesome benefits

grow the gram is the best course ever

Instant access to the 8-module curriculum

Weekly calls with me and my team of experts

Regular Instagram Growth SPrints

Start implementing immediately and finally see your following grow every day!

This is the real MVP, ask your questions, get unstuck AND get all the IG secrets every week

60 day growth sprints with real tangible goals, training, support, and accountability

plus a few extra bonuses:

1 year membership in Insta Social Society.

Monthly content plans that tell you exactly what to post and how to do it, paired with trending audio, Q&A calls and templates galore. 

$600 value

The Instagram Master Planner

Everything you need to make planning, strategizing, and growing on Instagram a breeze including a guide to building a foundation on Instagram, a customizable content planner, and so much more.

$497 value

Check your mailbox—something is coming!

You are going to want a few things to go along with this new adventure on Instagram. It’s all a surprise, I’ve already said too much!   



 I didn’t know where to start. Michelle completely changed my life and my business! I’ve grown by over 10,000 followers in the last month and my LTK sales have tripled—my highest month ever!

I was discouraged and frustrated because it felt like everything on Instagram changed...

fashion & deals influencer 


That’s why my students are getting results just like these—from 160K - 400K+ in a few months

expert home organizer


Social media “experts” out there can tell you how to make your feed look pretty, but they aren’t teaching strategy the way I am.  

Meg Golightly

network marketing 


jewelry designer 


I was struggling with my brand message and what to post. Michelle has made my life so much easier!

 I highly recommend Grow the Gram, everyone was so supportive, such a great community! 

I’ve grown a ton! It’s fun! There’s so much power in actually knowing the strategy. Michelle teaches everything you need to know! 



My students get so many compliments about their amazing Instagram business accounts

 I used to be so stressed about what I need to post, but now I feel so confident. I’m attracting new, quality clients and I’ve had great steady growth. I get complimented on my Insta all the time!!

 I’m putting in the work and have less stress and so much more confidence. I truly LOVED this course!  

My proven strategy has worked on my own IG account, I've 3x’d my followers, and 25x’d my sponsored content rate and gained more clients in just 6 months!

Social Media Strategist


Michelle Gifford


heck, yes!

Does Grow the Gram work...
in real life?

Are you ready to stop wasting your time, energy, and effort on posts that don’t go anywhere?

Are you ready to kick discouragement, overwhelm, and stress about IG out the door? 

Are you ready to finally start making the impact you imagined, that you just can’t ignore?

the way i see it, you have 2 options:

Keep going as you are. 

Try all the hacks and try to outsmart the algorithm... with little to no results.

Feel frustrated every time there’s an update and wait for your reels to go viral… 

Miss out on opportunities and feel stuck watching from the sidelines…

Keep going as you are right now. 

Say YES!

Stop waiting and go after your dreams using real strategies that work!

Feel motivated in a community that cheers you on and celebrates wins!

Most importantly—thrive! Create the income and impact you’re dreaming of. 



If you're tired of the Instagram hacks and tricks that you're getting from every other Instagram account then you need Grow the Gram!

give me a real strategy

I’ve helped hundreds of businesses grow with Instagram and there’s nothing I’d love more than seeing you succeed too!

luvs michelle

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