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8 week Michelle-guided course designed to grow your following and your profits with less time

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8 week guided course

Accountability community

Live training

Michelle's Exact Blueprint

Michelle has been growing businesses with Instagram for years. She has helped hundreds of businesses and been the strategist behind 6 and 7 figure brands and launches. 

Get her exact blueprint for how to attract followers and turn them into buyers.

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Truth time: Most social media "experts" either studied it in college or are figuring it out as they go.

They get how to make your feed look good, but they've never been taught actual strategy and how your social media affects your business's bottom line. 

In my marketing agency, I help my 6, 7, and 8 figure clients use social media to make more money and grow their impact. 

I've helped hundreds of businesses grow on Instagram and I can't wait to help you!

Posting and praying isn't a strategy

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You are spending A LOT of time on Instagram, but...

-You're not getting more followers

-Your Reels are stuck at 2,254 views

-You don't really know how posting on Instagram is making you money

-You wish there was a simpler way

Join Grow the Gram

Do these statements feel all too familiar?

Stop spending time creating content that doesn't make you money

I want to teach you the strategy that 3x'd my followers in 6 months

I've 25x'd my sponsored content rate and gained more clients

the Best part?
It isn't Luck.
 It's strategy

And you can do it, too.

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See what our Grow the Gram Graduates have to say: 

"Since joining [Grow the Gram], I had my very first viral video and a clear plan as to how to continue to grow my brand. Michelle has the patience of a saint, so don't be afraid to join if you have a lot of questions."
-Courtney Shelton-

"In a world where courses seem no longer personal, Grow the Gram was so hands on...If you are ready to level up your Instagram with the "right" things to attract buyers, then this is your Course!"
-Corry Matthews-

"Grow the Gram is probably one of the best decisions I've made for our business so far. I was floundering. ... I had no strategies, no tools, nothing. And since starting this course I'm now really confident to move forward with our social media marketing because I have tools, I have strategies, and I've been given so much support." 
-Elizabeth Cassey-

I had my first viral video!

I love michelle's
no-nonsense expertise!

The big bonus of the whole program is the other women in the group

1. Join Grow the Gram

This is an 8-week, online,  small group intensive.

Meet with Michelle and the group twice a week on Zoom from 10 am - 11:30 am pacific time.

All calls will be recorded and loaded into your course library for review and re-watching. 

How Grow the Gram Works

2. Get the blueprint

You will learn the strategies that are currently working to grow on Instagram.

Plus learn how to develop your personal growth strategy for more sales now and in the future.

3. Start seeing results

Implement the strategies and concepts taught by Michelle.

Watch your Instagram following and your bank account grow!

"There is so much power in actually knowing the strategy behind Instagram"

-Dani Carpenter-
Network Marketing

 Live Trainings

Learn live with Michelle twice a week to help you build an Instagram strategy that works for your business.

This is your time to get your questions answered. Submit your questions and get answers specific to you & your business.


A place to connect and get support


If you could grow alone, you'd have already done it. We offer accountability and rewards for getting the work done

Prompts and Plans

Not sure what to post? We will give you a strategy to follow. We take the guesswork out of posting.

Templates and Trending audios

We make creating content super easy, and will give you the templates and trending audios to use each week

What you get:

Weekly Coaching Calls

I'm not here to sell you a cookie cutter content plan because those don't work.

You'll learn how to build a custom strategy that gets

Because if you're just posting without knowing, then you're wasting your time.

followers AND dollars

You'll learn this Strategy with:

1. Finding Your Target

Learn how to create content that your audience craves and raves about.

2. Million dollar message

Find your unique message that makes making money easy.

3. Unlocking Instagram

Start working with Instagram to spread your message.

4. Follower Magnet

Create the right content that gets you new followers every day.

5. Secret to Sticky Content

Turn viewers into raving fans by creating content they crave.

6. Make selling easy

Use your stories to sell and keep people checking in every day.

7. Beyond the Gram

Find out how to expand your channels and explode your reach with content you've already created

Let's Step Inside 

The Basics: 
  • Held on a private Instagram account
  • Twice a week live trainings and q&a's with Michelle Gifford and her Social Media Team of experts for 8 weeks. 

"Since implementing the Grow the Gram strategies, I have gained a lot of really quality clients...and I've seen really wonderful, steady, organic growth in my Instagram."

-Niki Helton-


Your Investment

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Buy Now

Seats are limited!


1 payment of

4 monthly payments of $925


Payment Plan


Every Grow the Gram member will get a FREE personal IG audit. Audit comes with a full analysis of your account, post recommendations, and strategies to grow.

Branding templates

Value $497

These branding template bundles include logos, colors, fonts, and social media templates. 

Value $197

Template pack

Get Michelle's Pinterest Templates, Planning Sheets and Content Idea Bank.


Value $97

Growing an email list is a must to go from followers to buyers.

Use Michelle's freebie template and welcome email templates to jumpstart your growth.

Value $497

Masterclass library

Get access to Michelle's Masterclass library with 6 classes from industry experts.

Value $1,397

Worth over $2,300!

I guarantee it.

Listen, my goal is for you to succeed.  So, if you put in the work, do the assignments, show up at our calls and you don't grow your following, get more engagement, or more leads, then I'll refund your  money. 

That's it.

"I feel like I know exactly what to create and the best way to post it...[Michelle] has made my life so much easier."

-Anne Chikahisa-
Artisan Jewelry Designer

KIND WORDS from my fave clients

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Say goodbye to posts that don't perform.

Instagram is the best place to grow a loyal following. It has unmatched power to connect and build community.

Stop wasting your energy and efforts.  It's time for Instagram to be fun (and money-making) again.

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