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Grow the Gram

Make money & grow your following

Feeling stuck with your Instagram growth and ready to make more money from your account? This 8-week Intensive will take your account to the next level.

Posting and praying isn't a strategy. Learn Michelle's exact blueprint for growing your Instagram account and earning more money!

Live trainings with Michelle Gifford

Get the accountability & community you need

Learn strategies and tactics for growing your profits and your following

Instagram 101

Grow on instagram the right way

Instagram is a powerful tool for building your business. But do you know how to harness that power?

I'm sharing my method for beating the algorithm and harnessing the power of Instagram.

Learn proven strategies for steady growth.

Learn up-to-date information on all of the latest features and tools.

Get tips and tricks for using the Algorithm to your advantage.

Master Ig

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Pinterest 101

Harness the Power of Pinterest

Ready to learn how to use Pinterest to build your business? This course is going to walk you through how to rock Pinterest!

Let me show you the exact process that I have used to transform hundreds of businesses and increase revenues for top Influencers.

Bring you new leads and sales

AND make you money without using FB ads

Organically drive traffic to your website

Email Marketing 101

Email Marketing 202

grow (or start) your email list

Growing a thriving email list is a necessary part of online business. Let me show you how to do it!

In this 14-day challenge, I will walk you through step-by-step how to set up your email and start building your list.

Create emails that lead to sales in your sleep

Understand funnels, opt-ins, and freebies can work for you

Reach your ideal customer without relying on social media

I want to grow!

Fine-Tune your Email marketing
& Grow your list

You've got your email list, now what? Let's take your list to the next level!

Learn my system for creating an email launch sequence that brings sales.

From your opt-in, to your brand messaging, to creating sales sequences, this course will walk you through it all!

Reach and nurture your ideal customers and turn them into raving fans!

Show me how!

I'll walk you through how to grow your email list with proven strategies.

Blogging 101

Build a framework for success

Let me show you the exact process that I have used to transform hundreds of businesses and increase revenues for top Influencers.

Plan and write out content quickly and efficiently

Master the art of using search engines to drive organic traffic

Create content that will attract your ideal customer

Blogging the right way will help you make money while you're off playing!

I'm in!

Let's create!

Content Creation 101

planning consistent content

What if you never ran out of things to post? Creating new content is about to get real easy!

Get crystal clear on your core message so your content is more powerful!

The core content code is a simple formula to create a cohesive content calendar that is easy to implement.

Cut down the time it takes to create a plan!

Create content with a clear strategy that serves your people.

DSLR Photography 101

shoot like a pro

This course takes out all of the photography lingo and teaches you in simple terms.

It's time to take your camera off auto and start shooting in manual mode, baby!

See how easy it is to edit your photos in Lightroom

Finally understand the difference between shutter speed and aperture.

Get to know your camera backwards and forwards!

Let's do this!

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