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You aren't just a business owner. You are a mom! You are a content creator, an earth shaker, and a goal-getter. You need planners that help you reach your goals- personally and professionally!

3 Planners To Help You Take 2023 by Storm!

get your planneRs

Guess what?

You can be organized with your home life and your work life while also accomplishing your biggest goals.

What if you could start each day knowing exactly what you need to do in your personal life and your business?

What if you could finally reach those big goals you've been working toward?

Have you tried to use digital planners but lose track of where you are at with your goals?

Do you want to be more organized but aren't sure how to keep track of everything you have going on?

Do you want to see big movement in your business and personal life in 2023?

Create content with strategy and purpose and change the way you do business!

Planner pages based on Michelle's proven Core Content Code method used by her agency for top Creators and Influencers.

Start consistently planning your business content strategically.

Write out your content and plan how to make that content stretch across platforms--all in one place!

Includes goal trackers so you can see how your content is helping you reach your goals.

6 month content planner

It's time to take back your life...

The Details: 
  • 8"x10"
  • 148 pages, numbered, #70 GSM, White Paper
  • 4-ply board cover
  • White spiral binding
  • Inspiring quotes throughout
  • Prompted 6-month content planner

tell me more!

Stop being overwhelmed by your goals! I've got you, sister!

This 6 month journal contains 3 separate 60-day sprint intervals.

Learn how to make your goal, break it up into smaller steps, and track your progress throughout the days and weeks.

Get and STAY on task to reach the big milestones you've been working towards!

This method has been used by members of Michelle's Money Makers Coaching Group for over a year to generate thousands of dollars in revenue for many businesses!

60-day sprint journal

The 60-Day Sprint Journal breaks up those big goals into actionable steps.

The Details:
  •  8"x10"
  • 140 pages, numbered, #70 GSM White Paper
  • 4-ply board cover
  • White spiral binding
  • Inspiring quotes throughout
  • Prompted 6-month journal

I need this!

Finally get organized and stay that way--
as a mom AND a business owner!

Keep your days and weeks organized in one place. 

Includes: a year map, 6 months with weekly planning, goal setting, meal planning, daily block scheduling. PLUS a space to review so you can check in with yourself each week to make sure you're reaching your goals.

Get and STAY organized in all aspects of your life.

daily planner

It's time to take back your time...

The Details:
  • 8" x 10"
  • 200 pages, numbered, #70 GSM white paper
  • 4-ply board cover
  • White spiral binding
  • Inspiring quotes throughout
  • 6-month planner

Show me how!

I'm a brand strategist, business coach, content queen, and work-at-home mom to five. Over the past 16 years, I've built 5 successful businesses and now I get to help others do the same.

I teach women business owners how to create content that converts with my Money Makers Coaching Group AND I create content strategies for some of the biggest names in the biz. 

After all of this time working with people just like you, I realized that there was something missing. There were no planners that took into account that you are not just a boss babe, you are a mom, with a life and littles. You need planners that allow you to plan your business, your life, and your goals all in one place. 

These planners are for you. They will give you the space to plan, the pages to dream, and the structure to stay accountable. 

You're going to love it!

I'm Michelle Gifford!

grab yours today

6 month Content Planner

Are you?

Doing a lot of stuff each day, but aren't sure if any of it is actually moving you toward your goals?

Disorganized and struggling to reach even your small business goals?

Looking for a way to stretch your content across platforms- saving you time and energy?

You need this planner!

buy the planner now for $55!*

*shipping included

60 day sprint journal

Do you find yourself...

Trying to tackle a million goals at once and then giving up when it gets too hard?

Wishing you could reach those in your business that feel unattainable?

Struggling to stay on task and organized while working toward your goals?

the 60-day sprint was created for you!

buy it now for $55!*

*shipping included

daily planner

Have you ever...

Wished you had a paper planner that fit both your mom life and your business life?

Needed help to set up your daily tasks in a way that keeps you moving forward toward your personal goals?

Wanted a way to track your personal goals without losing them in your digital clutter?

Get organized for 2023!

buy the daily planner now for $65!

*shipping included

buy all three and save

planner bundle

If you are serious about growing personally and professionally in 2023, you need all 3 planners! 

Plan your mom life, personal life, and business life with the daily planner, use the content planner to strategically stretch your online content, and achieve even your biggest goals with the 60-day sprint journal!

Get the bundle and save $$

valued at $200!

buy all three now for $125
with free shipping!!

queen of content Planner

Have you ever...

Wanted to have all your business and mom goals in one place?

Needed a planner that covered all areas of your life?

Showed you how to reach your biggest (and smallest) goals?

The Original Queen of Content Planner is for you!

buy the planner now for $57

*Available while supplies last*

you can stay stuck...

Overwhelmed with all of the different demands on your time.

Confused with what steps you need to take to reach your goals.

Disorganized, stressed, and frazzled.

or you can...

Make and reach your goals — both large and small!

Get and stay organized.

Be confident in knowing the steps you need to take in your business and in your personal life.

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