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Learn the top 3 Strategy Secrets to unlock your follower growth.

Are you posting all the time and trying to do all the hacks but still hearing crickets? 

It's because you need an actual strategy. 

This masterclass will teach you how to turn crickets into your next 1,000 followers.

From 18k to 142k in 10 months...

Last year, I was stuck.

I posted every day and was trying all of the things and not seeing results.

Then, I made a massive shift in my strategy and within two months, I had my first viral reel and my account started to take off.

And, my growth hasn't slowed down since. I want to show you how to do it for you too.

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It Doesn't just work for me. 

i want to grow

Instagram has changed.

Has your strategy?

You're stuck in a repeating loop and can't gain traction

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Have you ever felt like no matter how much time you spend on instagram...

You struggle to beat the algorithm and gain followers

You feel like you are wasting time just posting and praying

this masterclass will teach you how to create a growth strategy

Join the  masterclass

The Masterclass will teach you the top 3 strategies to jumpstart your Instagram growth.

How it Works: 


Grow your next 1,000 followers

Follow the easy, step-by-step process and start growing your follower count fast.


Learn Michelle's growth strategy

Michelle's Instagram growth strategy has already helped thousands of accounts. Let it help yours.


Every day I'm asked if it's still possible to grow on Instagram.

My answer? YES!

What happens when you invest your time and effort...

I'm not here to sell you ANOTHER quick fix that won't work. 

Instead, you'll get the simple tools I use to plan my content and build a community of devoted followers...

without spending 24/7 on Instagram.

Hop off the hamster wheel of posting and praying 


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Join now and get your questions answered at the live Q&A at the end of the masterclass.

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Learn the top 3 Strategy Secrets to unlock your follower growth.


60 minute Masterclass with step-by-step tutorial of how to create your growth strategy.

What's included

Live Q&A

Get your questions answered, LIVE! 

Michelle's Strategy

This strategy is the exact strategy that Michelle uses for her and her clients. 

Bonus: Digital content planner

Get the digital planner to plan and organize your content.
($97 value)

Bonus: Content Bundle

Ultimate content bundle comes with over 100 content templates
($97 value)

Every one is complaining about Instagram changing, but what if it was actually a good thing? 

What if you could use the algorithm to help you grow?

Try my strategy out for two months, if it doesn't work, I'll refund your money.

I guarantee it.
That's it.

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KIND WORDS from my fave clients

No more feeling like you can't beat that pesky algorithm

Anyone can grow a following and build a business on Instagram and we're here to help!

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