Being productive while working at home. My 11 tips for dealing with your kids and building your business.

11 Tips for Being Productive While Working at Home

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Today I’ve got 11 tips for being productive while working at home. But first, a little background for you, I’ve always had a business at home with my kids. This year is the first year I’ve had a few hours a week without any kids around. So these tips come from a place of experience, love, and your business coach. I may tell you some hard things. Now, if you have little babies in your home that aren’t sleeping through the night or are super needy, you may have to adjust some of these tips. That first year or so after having a baby is super hard, you basically walk around in a haze all of the time because there’s just so much going on. For those of you in this situation, I’m sending you a virtual hug. It will get better, I promise. 

With quarantine happening, Don’t let your kids be an excuse to not build your business. Your business needs you, and it fills you, and it makes you happier and a better mom. Don’t lessen that.

Being productive while working at home. My 11 tips for dealing with your kids and building your business.

My 11 Tips for Staying Productive While Working at Home

1-Create a plan and schedule for your kids and family.

Family comes first. Your family needs some order and structure, and so do you. In our family, we had a family discussion at dinner and we asked our kids how they wanted things all to go during their home time. We set a wake up time, and then a school time period, then creative time, outside time, lunch, piano/reading time, device time, online learning time, and dinner time. I like my schedule more loose than rigid. Build a schedule that works for you.

2- Accept that things will look and feel differently than they did before.

Things are different. That’s just the way it is. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just a new normal. Recognize that and accept it. Accept that maybe you’re only able to do a certain amount in your  business every day now. Remember, you need to make your business fit your life. 

3-Get up, get ready, get dressed, get out of your pajamas.

Nothing makes you sadder than staying in your pajamas everyday. Make a point of getting dressed and ready every day. You will feel better if you exercise and get ready in the mornings. Make your kids do the same. Show up for your life and show up in the right way. 

4-Get up before your kids.

This has been easier for me without school since my kids aren’t getting out the door at 7:30 anymore. There is a huge benefit to centering yourself, exercising, being in your scriptures, meditating, praying, etc. If you can, get up and get ready before your kids and be ready to take on the day. I really believe getting up earlier has been a key factor in me being productive while working at home. 

5-Have work time and let your kids know it.

This can be hard, especially if you have little kids. My youngest doesn’t respect my work time and she wants to be next to me all the time when I’m working. I have to be pretty firm about it with her. Its ok that I have work time and it’s ok that my kids are outside by themselves or playing together in the house. Do you remember your childhood? I know when I was growing up I was outside all day without my mom around. She would spend time with me cooking or sewing, but she didn’t play with me a lot. That’s what my siblings were for. 

6-Use technology for your benefit.

My use of technology has changed now that my kids are home all the time. I want this time together to be a fun thing. So we used to just have iPad time on Fridays and very little tv time during the week. But now that they’re home all the time, they get to have an hour of iPad time every day and they get to play a game with their cousins. They use the phones and the iPads to talk to their cousins and play with them.

Why I say use technology for your benefit, is because I don’t want you to waste the time when your kids are watching tv. Is there a time when your kids naturally are tired and want to watch a show or movie and you could get some work done? This has helped me as I plan my day because I know I can work during those times that the kids are watching tv. 

7-You need to change your mindset about you getting your work done.

Don’t feel bad about working your business. You feel strongly about growing a business and you’ve been called to do this in your life. And I believe that we are all meant to create in our own way. Let’s stop wasting time worrying and doubting if we are meant to be creating. I think one of the ways that the enemy gets to us is by making us doubt our abilities and doubt if we are supposed to be creating what we feel strongly about creating. I say no to that. This is what I feel I should be doing and it makes me a better mom. And the fact that your kids are at home doesn’t mean you can’t be productive while working at home. 

8-Be clear with your spouse about what you need.

This one can be hard for us, ladies. I just need you to figure this out. Men need clear communication about what we need. If I need an  hour after dinner I need to just tell him. I can’t hint around and hope he gets it because he probably won’t and then I’ll be mad. I want you to be open and clear. If you’re feeling frustrated, ask yourself “why?” If it’s because you have a work project that needs to get done, figure out how long it will take you and just be clear with your husband about how he can help you get it done. I had this conversation with my husband recently. Someone told me, “assume less and communicate more”. Ok? That’s what I want you to do.

9-Make a work plan.

I do this on Sundays, and in the evenings. I write down what I need to accomplish so when I get a 20 minute window I know exactly what I can and need to do. Too much time is wasted by showing up to your computer without a plan. It happens too much to all of us and it’s terrible. If you need a planner I have an awesome one you can get HERE.

Find a way to have a list of items you need to get done so you can sit down and just get started when it’s time to work. This is one of the biggest ways you can be productive while working at home. 

10- Stop looking at your phone. 

I think that we are spending too much time on Instagram and worrying too much about what other people are doing with their homeschooling. Looking at your phone won’t make you more productive.

Remember, it’s ok…

  • to not be a science experiment mom
  • if you’re not doing big home projects
  • to be the one who is doing really cool things with your kids
  • if you are just sticking to your schedule

Do what you can do and worry less about what other people are doing. We are spending too much time on our phones. Stepping away from your phone will clear up your mind and make you feel less guilty when you have to step away to work because you’ll have been spending more time with your kids in general.

11- We all just need to chill out and have a little fun.

Your life is meant to be fun and happy and full of good things. Some things that make us feel happy are the hard things. Like cleaning your house. I don’t like cleaning my house but I know that when it is clean I’m happier and we can relax more. I know when I have my content planned out beforehand I am happier and I have more control. It frees up a lot of headspace for me. Do the things that actually make you happier in the future. What gift can you give your future self? Is there an automation you can set up or something you can schedule so you won’t have to think about it later?


Those are my 11 things. My 11 tips for being productive while working at home.  Take them or leave them. Tell me on Instagram what you are doing to stay productive while working at home! 

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11 Tips for Being Productive While Working at Home.
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