3 Reels You Can Do Today

Have you heard? Instagram is changing to a video-sharing app. But don’t panic. You can transition to this in whatever way works best for you and your audience. It’s OK if you haven’t gotten comfortable with video sharing yet. However, Instagram is changing to keep up with its competition, so it may be time to start. I will walk you through how to add video to your Instagram and 3 reels you can do today. 



Like I said, Instagram is shifting to keep up with its competitors. It is trying to be more transparent and straightforward with us about its algorithms and what we can expect from them in the future. That’s why they’ve shared the goal of becoming more of a video sharing app. 

This doesn’t mean you have to start doing all video content. Nor does it mean Instagram won’t work for you anymore. What it does mean is you will start to get out of your comfort zone a little bit by trying something new and getting better at it! 


How to Add Video to Your Instagram Content Strategy

Video doesn’t have to be scary and the process will not always take a long time. I know you may think making a video isn’t worth your time, but the more you keep creating the faster and easier it will get. Don’t let your first few products deter you because we are all bad the first time we do something. 

The last thing I want is the fear of not knowing something to keep you from trying. For example, I’ve tried out IGTV a few times now and it doesn’t work that well for me. It takes longer to film and edit and my audience doesn’t respond very well to it. However, I’m going to keep trying them out, I’m just not going to make them a priority. 


keep reels simple and easy. They'll get better with practice. www.iammichellegifford.com


That being said, you know what works for your audience. You know what they like and what gets you the most interaction. I recommend you take the same approach I did with IGTV with Reels. Try making a reel once or twice a week and include them in your content plan. 

The reels algorithm created by Instagram is what gets you seen by more people because your reels are shown to people who do not follow you. Reels are one of the best ways for you to spread your brand awareness and increase your audience. 


3 Reels You Can Do Today

You may think reels do nothing for your audience, but I disagree. What if you just tried it? Who knows, you could end up rocking the reels and reaping the rewards from it!  If you’re ready to try out a reel, you can start with these 3 reels you can do today.


Reel #1: Fast Motion

People love fast motion reels. Think of something you want to show your audience and put it to a fast motion reel with nice music in the background. 

If you sell a physical product you could show a fast motion reel of how it’s made. If you don’t have a physical product, think of something else you want to show your audience. I’ve seen fast motion reels of someone picking up their kitchen, or doing a renovation project. There’s definitely something you could turn into a fast motion reel and your people will be fascinated by it. 


Try out one of these reels to get started. www.iammichellegifford.com


Reel #2: Teach Something 

What’s something you want to teach your audience? Jot down a few points you want to touch on and you’ve got another reel. You only have 10-30 seconds, so you can keep this really simple.

I recommend cutting to a new background for each point you cover. Filming each point with a new backdrop will keep your audience interested in what you have to say. Don’t over think it though. This could literally be you walking to the next room of your house for each cut. 


Try to post reels on your instagram 1-2 times per week. www.iammichellegifford.com


Reel #3: Reinvent

These reinvention reels are really popular right now. It’s where you take the audio sound bite of a reel you like and reinvent your own reel using that audio. When I’m scrolling through reels and I find an audio I like, I save it and use it later when I’m ready to create my own reel.

There’s so many of these reinvention reels trending right now, so find your favorite and try it out! Also, trending audio matters. If you use audio from a reel that is going around right now, your reel will probably be seen by more people. 


Anything you're new at will be bad at first. Keep doing it anyway. Your reels will get better. www.iammichellegifford.com


Follow me on Instagram @iammichellegifford to watch some of the reels I’ve created recently. See if there’s any that you want to pull from or that inspires you for your own reel idea. I am here for you and I know you can create a stellar reel! You can do this. Let’s rock the reels together. 

Speaking of rock the reels, be sure to sign up for my challenge that teaches you all about reels! How to make them, why they work, and how to have fun in the process. You can also check out some of my video tutorials on how to make different reels. As always, I adore you!

3 Reels You Can Do Today

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